Connect C64 Disk Drives to your PC parallel port

  cbm4win v0.1.0a 
Sorry, currently, there is no dedicated documentation available. For your
convenience, to have at least some documentation, I added the documentation of
the latest cbm4linux package. As cbm4linux and cbm4win are almost identical,
from the user's point of view, this should help you out.

Differences of cbm4win to cbm4linux:

1. Installation:
   (this is not handled in cbm4linux.txt)
   See INSTALL file

2. "2.1.1. Actions"
   Here, the given example in the descriptions of "cbmctrl status device", 
   "cbmctrl command device cmdstr" does not work
   on Windows.

3. "2.1.2. cbmctrl Examples"
   These examples do not work, either.