All Round Hunter


Achievements: Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. Animal Party (40): Unlock all the animals. Basic Huting Skills (10): Move around a level. Best Hunter (40): Win your first multi player game. Better Luck Next Time (40): Lose your first multi player game. Blind Hunt (25): Hunt one animal from a blind. British Columbia Hunter (30): Finish all missions from British Columbia Early Fall. Call to Arms (10): Hunt any animal by calling it to your location. Cats in the Bag (30): Hunt every type of cat (Bobcat, Lynx, etc.). Competitive Hunter (10): Play your first multi player game. Complete Hunter (30): Hunt 1 of each animal type. Don\'t Just Stand There, Shoot (20): Hunt 5 animals from a stand. Duck Hunter (15): Hunt 10 ducks using a shotgun. Early Fall Hunter (30): Finish all missions from the Wyoming early fall environment. Elk on the Loose (10): Hunt 2 elk. Fall Hunter (30): Finish all missions from the fall environment. Fashion Victim (20): Unlock all types of clothing. Firearms Collection (30): Unlock all firearms. Fox Trot (30): Put 10 foxes in your trophy room. Gearing Up (20): Unlock all items. Get a Tail Feather (20): Hunt 10 pheasants. Get to Know (10): Bag 1 animal. Grouse Hunter (10): Hunt 5 Grouse. Hunting Frenzy (20): Hunt 10 animals. I\'m the Best (30): Win all missions from multi-player mode. Inspector (30): Inspect your first track. Learn to Track (10): Track down you first animal. Looks Real to Me (10): Hunt any animal by using a decoy. Lure the Animals (10): Use all the lures (including decoys and bait). Marksman Level 1 (20): Shoot one animal using any shotgun. Mission Accomplished (40): Win all the missions. Missions Man (10): Finish one mission on normal difficulty. Moose Fanatic (20): Fill your trophy room with Moose mounts. Night Hunter (15): Hunt 2 of each night animal. Odor-Free (30): Use all the scent items in the game. Rabbit Race (10): Collect your first trophy. Rabbit\'s Foot (20): Kill 10 rabbits using any allowed firearm. Revolver (20): Hunt any animal using the handgun. Rules and Regulation (20): Hunt 10 times without breaking any rules. Sheep Double (10): Hunt one bighorn sheep and one Dall sheep. Sixth Sense (10): Enter Sixth Sense for the first time. This is My Turf (20): Win all the missions form early fall environment in multi player. Top Gun (20): Finish one mission on realistic difficulty. Trophy Collector (15): You filled your trophy room. Turkey Shoot (10): Hunt 5 turkeys. Ultimate Hunter (30): complete all missions from any environment. Winter Hunter (30): Finish all missions from the winter environment. Zero Magnification (30): Win a mission without using any scope or Binoculars.