Need for Speed Carbon Collectors Edition v1.3 Unlocker 2

³ Ü       Need for Speed Carbon Collector\'s Edition v1.3 Unlocker 2         ³
  ³ Auteur.............gnagna2000   Date........................01/12/2006 ³ ³
  ³ Taille..................7,680   Systeme d\'exploitation.........Windows ß ³

   °±±²²²ÛÛÛÛÛ DeSCRiPTion

      Third build, report bugs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      Updates on
      This unlocker is only for english Collector\'s Edition v1.3
      This unlocker allows you to get any cars in career mode (in car lot) and
      unlock everything (upgrade, vinyl, paint, etc.).
      This unlocker allows you to load any valid savegame, i.e.: any savegame
      (incorrect checksum and different CDKEY).
      You can save it and the CDKEY will be replaced with your own CDKEY.
      Same for the checksum.
      NEW !!
      You can get all the offline and online rewards content (cards rewards):
      Step 1: activate this option
      Step 2: unlock any part of any card to trigger the rewards process
      Step 3: save your game, you have every cards unlocked

      - Unlock normal stuff in game (series cars and upgrades)
      - Unlock EVERYTHING in game, you can drive Audi R8, Pagani Zonda, etc.
      - Load any valid savegame (see notes above)
      - Unlock both offline AND online cards (NEW !!)
      More explanations in trainer (F1)
      If the unlocker doesn\'t want to start, set compatibility to
      Windows 2000/98/95.

   °±±²²²ÛÛÛÛÛ uTiLiSaTion

      Demarrez ce trainer apres le jeu
      Start this trainer after the game