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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation WalkthroughPCCSI.ZIP2003-10-04
CSI:This is a save game file unlocking everytPCPCCSI.ZIP2003-10-04
CSkies Savegame EditorPCcskiesedit.zip2003-09-16
CT Special Forces - Nemesis Strike PLUS 5 TRAINER (c)PiZZAPCpzsfnemestrn5.zip2005-04-14
CtP2 V1.1(1) NO_CD PatchPCctp2v11n.zip2003-07-23
Cubase Any Version!PCCUBASCRK.ZIP1997-04-24
CuBase 2.8 for the music proggyPCCUB28CRK.ZIP1997-04-24
CUBASE v2.61 *PeRFeCT * [MDSUCF]PCUCFCU261.ZIP1996-03-10
Cube 2 Sauerbraten +3 Trainer (c)YPOGEiOSPCcube.2.sauerbraten.v2007-04-15.trainer-ypogeios.zip2007-12-07
Cube 2003.12.23 Trainer (c)FFFPCfffcubetrn1.zip2004-09-09
Cue Club 1.00 nocd fixPCcue_clcd.zip2003-07-23
Cue Club 1.02 nocd fixPCcue_c2cd.zip2003-07-23
Cue Club 1.03 nocd fixPCcue_c3cd.zip2003-07-23
Cue Club 1.04 nocd fixPCcueclucd.zip2003-07-23
Cue Club MEGA TrainerPCcueclub_.zip2003-07-23
Cue Club Speed Ball TrainerPCSPEED38.ZIP2002-11-07
cue club v1.04 patch and then run the crack in the cue club folderPCcueclub4.zip2003-07-23
Cultures No-CD fixed exe GERMANPCcultures.zip2003-07-23
Cultures v201 nocdPCe_cult20.zip2004-01-23
Cultures v202 GER nocdPCe_008775.zip2004-01-18
Curious George UnlockerPCtntcgunl.zip2007-05-07
Curling 2006 UnlockerPCtntc2k6unl.zip2007-05-07
Curse - The Eye Of Isis PLUS 2 TRAINER (C) PiZZADOXPCpz-cursetrn2.zip2003-10-30
Curse - The Eye Of Isis PLUS 2 TRAINER (C) PiZZADOXPCpizcteoitrn2.zip2003-11-13
Curse of the azure bonds Savegame editorPCAZURE.ZIP1997-04-24
Curse Trainer (c)ExtaliaPCextcteoitrn8.zip2004-06-29
Curse Trainer (c)ExtaliaPCcurse_tr.zip2004-08-04
Custom Robo Arena (U) +3 Trainer (c)crackerNDScr_crap3.zip2009-07-30
Custom Robo Arena (U) Trainer (c)crackerNDScr_crap1.zip2009-07-30
Cute ftp 1.4PCCFTP14CK.ZIP1997-04-24
Cutthroats nocd fixPCcutthroa.zip2003-07-23
CVEM 2 nocd fix (game.exe)PCcvem2.zip2003-07-23
Cyber Gladiators CheatsPCCYBGLA1.ZIP2000-08-07
Cyber Gladiators CheatsPCCYBGLA~1.ZIP1997-04-24
Cyber Storm 2: Corporate Wars TrainerPCCYBER2.ZIP2001-02-20
CYBERIA 2 <> -PCCYBERIA2.ZIP2001-05-26
Cyberia kinda walkthrough cheatPCCYB.ZIP1997-04-24
CYBERIA TIPS Cyberspace BBS, Denmark.PCCYBERIA.ZIP1997-04-24
Cybermage walkthroughPCCYBMAGE.ZIP1997-04-24
Cybermage: - SaveGameEditorPCCYB_SGE.ZIP1997-04-24
Cybernoid 2 The Revenge by Retrospec +8 TRAiNER (c)FFFPCfffc2trtrn8.zip2004-10-17
Cybertron v1.0 PLUS 2 TRAiNER [01/01]PCbm-ct10t.zip2003-07-26
CycleMan v1.0 TrainerPCDMS-CMTR.ZIP2001-08-26
Cycling Manager Update v1.00.00.02 nocd (c)Cyanide StudiosPCmytcm102.ZIP2004-02-08
Cycling Manager Update v1.00.00.03 nocdPCmytcyc13.ZIP2004-02-08
Cycling Manager Update v1.00.00.05 nocdPCmytcm15n.ZIP2004-02-08
Cyclone +5 TrainerPCINF_CYCT.ZIP1997-04-24
Cyclones +1 TrainerPCR2_CYCTR.ZIP1997-04-24
Cydonia UHS Hint filePCCYDONIA.ZIP2002-07-10