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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex

For Wii
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex:

Leveling Unlocks:
Demolitions Class  	        Reach Level 02
Sniper Class 	                Reach Level 03
Create-a-Class 	                Reach Level 04
Gun Challenges 	                Reach Level 05
New Playlists 	                Reach Level 06
M21 	                        Reach Level 07
Last Stand (Perk Slot 3)        Reach Level 08
Boot Camp Challenges 1 	        Reach Level 09
M4 Carbine 	                Reach Level 10
UAV Jammer (Perk Slot 2)        Reach Level 11
Mini-Uzi 	                Reach Level 13
Bomb Squad (Perk Slot 1)        Reach Level 14
Boot Camp Challenges 2 	        Reach Level 15
M1911 	                        Reach Level 16
Martyrdom 	                Reach Level 17
Boot Camp Challenges 3 	        Reach Level 18
M60E4 	                        Reach Level 19
Sleight of Hand (Perk Slot 2) 	Reach Level 20
Operations Challenges 1 	Reach Level 21
Dragunov 	                Reach Level 22
Claymores 	                Reach Level 23
Operations Challenges 2 	Reach Level 24
G3 	                        Reach Level 25
Iron Lungs (Perk Slot 3) 	Reach Level 26
Operations Challenges 3 	Reach Level 27
AK-74U 	                        Reach Level 28
Double Tap (Perk Slot 2) 	Reach Level 29
Killer Challenges 1 	        Reach Level 30
M1014 	                        Reach Level 31
Bandolier (Perk Slot 1) 	Reach Level 32
Killer Challenges 2 	        Reach Level 33
R700 	                        Reach Level 34
Killer Challenges 3 	        Reach Level 36
G36C 	                        Reach Level 37
Overkill (Perk Slot 2) 	        Reach Level 38
Killer Challenges 4 	        Reach Level 39
P90 	                        Reach Level 40
3x Frag (Perk Slot 1) 	        Reach Level 41
Humiliation Challenges 1 	Reach Level 42
Desert Eagle 	                Reach Level 43
Dead Silence (Perk Slot 3) 	Reach Level 44
Humiliation Challenges 2 	Reach Level 45
M14 	                        Reach Level 46
Humiliation Challenges 3 	Reach Level 47
Humiliation Challenges 4 	Reach Level 48
Barret .50 Cal 	                Reach Level 49
Humiliation Challenges 5 	Reach Level 50
Elite Challenges 	        Reach Level 51
MP44 	                        Reach Level 52
Elite Challenges 2 	        Reach Level 53
Elite Challenges 3 	        Reach Level 54
Golden Desert Eagle 	        Reach Level 55
Prestige Mode 	                Reach Level 55

Golden Gun Unlocks:

Golden AK-47  	        Complete all Assualt Rifle Challenges
Golden Dragunov 	Complete all Sniper Challenges
Golden Mini-Uzi 	Complete all SMG Challenges
Golden M1014 	        Complete all Shotgun Challenges
Golden M60E4 	        Complete all LMG Challenges
Golden Desert Eagle 	Reach Level 55 Commander

Elevator Glitch:
This cheat is only in multiplayer mode. There are many elevator glitches in this game, but I\'m only gonna give you 3. The first one is on Backlot. Go to the building with the turret and the couch inside. Go up the railing until you reach the corner of it. Jump and press \'c\' twice while in midair. You will begin to elevate. You can also get out of the map with this glitch. The next elevator glitch is on District. Go to the building with the two boxes stacked up on each other in the middle of the room. Get on top of the two boxes and do the same procedure. You will be elevated up to the second floor. If you get stuck, throw a grenade close enough to damage you and you will be released. To get on the third floor you will need a partner. Beware:the walls on the 3rd floor are invisible and the 4th floor is invisible. The last one is on Showdown. If you press \'pause\' and look at the map, the glitch is on the top right hallway area with the wooden planks. Jump on top of the plank, go straight to the wall and do the same procedure. You will, once again, begin to float. You can go on top of the whole map.

Last Stand:
Last stand once you earn last stand instead of using your pistol if your near a another gun that you can pick up you can use it.

How To Get On Top Of The Map Crash:
This is for only multiplayer online. To get on top of the map you must go to the building has 2 rooms on the bottom floor with one looking like a store on bottom. Go upstairs, out onto the roof where you can see the helicopter and the blue building. Then somehow get up on the wall that the doorway is on. Once you\'re on the top part of the building you will rise up and once you stop you cannot move around.

Using Cheat Mode:
You have to beat the Campaign once! Cheat mode is unlocked in Campaign under Options on the Pause Menu. These are unlocked by finding Intel pieces scattered throughout the game. Note: You must enable cheats for them to activate. If you die, all your cheats will be disabled, meaning you must enable them again.

Cheat Code Unlocks:
CoD Noir  	  Find 02 Intel
Photo-Negative 	  Find 04 Intel
Super Contrast 	  Find 06 Intel
Paintball 	  Find 08 Intel
Cluster Bombs 	  Find 10 Intel
A Bad Year 	  Find 15 Intel
Slow-Mo Ability   Find 20 Intel
Infinite Ammo 	  Find 30 Intel