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Call of Duty: World at War

For Wii
F2 Flamethrower:
You unlock it when you reach Level 65 on \"Multiplayer\" mode.

Easy Kills:
Shoot the center of your enemy\'s in the chest on multiplayer.

FOR ONLINE PLAYING ONLY: once you have made it to the prestige level, you will be asked if you want to continue. 
It gives you a higher rank but starts you back off with all guns and perks locked, 
and you unlock the same ones all over again, 
I am a level 37 prestige and have not unlocked anything new yet, 
so if i were you I would create 2 accounts so you can advance with one past the prestige level and save one to keep your weapons.

Check Your New Challenges!:
Be sure to check your new challenges after each level up. For example; 
you will see marksman (type of gun) 1-3,(level 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3) 
to complete each stage you will need to get a certain number of head shots with that gun to unlock new weapons and perks.

Early Heavy Gun:
Once you begin the game you start out with a pistol then on your right you get a type 100 
but if you see a little further you will see an even better gun replace that with your pistol and you can kill even easier.

Get Any Perk:
Once you reach level 65, you will have all the perks unlocked. You should then create a second profile. 
Work that one so you are at least level 5. Go back to your level 65 profile and go to \'Create a Class\'. 
Hover over a perk and then click the \'B\' button until you are at the multiplayer menu. 
Click on your level 5 profile and go to \'Create a Class\'. You have that perk unlocked from your level 65 profile. 
Then you can go to prestige and get all of your perks back once you get past level 5.

How To Go Under Map Cliffside:
On the marine response side near the waterfall there is a rock 
near the spikes it has a corner 2 corners 1 on the right that is hard to see and one on the left that is easy to see 
keep jumping toward the right one the left one wont work keep jumping while holding up on the nunchuck 
if you start jumping low back up or you will get stuck so try to jump high 
then you wii fall under the map every thing will be white and blue and you can\'t die 
unless you fall of so dont go to far no one can see you and you can still kill them its easy and fun.

Cheat At Upheaval:
When you go to this area, there is a place, one of the houses, it is sometimes near where you start. 
On the side there is a window, it is black. There is a piece of rusty-fence laying on on it, 
jump on, press C, then hold A and go in. There you have it, your in a untouchable area, 
You will never get back out until next death. There are holes so if you shoot out of them, 
others can find you, and kill you! You could also die by artillery and maybe dogs.

Cool Place To Hide While Playing At Cliffside:
On cliffside at the area when you start on the imperial team, 
just go through the door on the right at the very back of the map and then there is a window with bars on it. 
Just go up to that and keep jumping and crouching almost at the same time but make sure you jump first then right after crouch. 
Eventually if you do it right you will be inside of the glitchy area and if you go through the middle 
you can still see outside but it is hard to leave. 
Its better to go where there are enemies and make them follow you there the go in there 
and they will be looking for you but they wont no where to look. 
Then just shoot them through the window, but be careful if they see you they can still kill you 
and they can go in there while you are in there and for some reason its harder to kill them 
or for them to kill you hope this works for you.

Ultimate Weapon Combonation:
Getting the Browning M1919 machine gun w/ M1A1 Carbine rifle, 
and having your first perk (blue one) the M2 Flamethrower or Bandoleer, 
Second perk (red one) Overkill, and third perk ( green one) dead silence, you can go unheard, 
unstoppable and wow your friends with your weapons.

Ontop Of The Cliff- Cliffside:
When you spawn at the marine raiders side of the field, go to the very edge of the cliff and turn to the right. 
When you get to the edge, jump onto the rope and head to the marine raiders side, staying on the rope the whole time. 
When you meet the wall, backup some. When you did all this, look at the cliffside and sprint/jump toward a green spot 
thats a little far away. You have to get the timing right or you will fall to your grave. 
If done correctly, it will launch you forward. But to stay on the cliff, 
you must go to the right as soon as you touch the cliff. You can stay there, or do more. 
If you do more, you will have to jump over an invisible wall. 
Then run and jump over a some cliff on the side. Once this is done, your done and ready to sit back and snipe. 
You can not get back on the map unless you jump of the cliff. 
(note: you can die unlike under the map, but its less revealing to the enemy and its much more fun! ).

Call Of Duty:
When you connect to wii fi choose a match like team death match 
when the clock in the right hand corner starts counting down 
wait to it gets to 4 or 3 secounds left click the z button on the nunchuck 
as if your going to leave push up to where it says leave and push the a and b button together 
and you wii go back to connect to wii fi screen when you go to select a match again 
boot camp will be unlocked you can do this any time.

Floating Glitch (Upheavel):
When you start on the german side, as you go through the completly blown up house 
go to the building on your right with the red roof and there should be a broken bookcase, 
go up next to it with a light machine gun with a bipod 
and make sure you are right up next to the the house and you should be able to mount your weapon, 
once you\'ve mounted you gun, unmount it and you should float up the top of the house, 
from there you could either stay there or jump on top of the house next to you. 
Very good if you want to get kills with your sniper.

Upheavel Sniping Spot:
At upheavel, start at where the red army starts. Next go into the building to ur right. 
Go up stairs to window. CAREFULL step outside on to small ledge. 
Go left to where you see the blackened frame go slowly across and you are there. 
Ii like to climb up frame to get to room frame once you get to the top you can now see into room and they can\'t see you.

How To Get Under The Map On Makin (multiplayer):
To get under the map on makin you gotta go to the last building 
you can get 2 where the marines spawn there should be a board 
that you have to jump up on THIS IS NOT EASY it may take a few tries but when you do have to sprint then jump 
to glitch into the house then walk of the end of the house farther away facing the ocean 
be careful - you can die if you go too far or too far under.