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Bioshock 2 patch 1 +26 Trainer

For PC
Bioshock 2 Trainer
=============================== =====


This is for the patched (patch #1) version!


Using this Trainer
Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.
Listen for \"Activated\".

Press desired option key


Numpad 1: Health
Numpad 2: Eve
Numpad 3: Money
Numpad 4: Adam
Numpad 5: Easy Kills
Numpad 6: Bot Clock
Numpad 7: Save Position
Numpad 8: Teleport
Numpad 9: Undo Teleport
Numpad 0: Items / Drill Fuel
Numpad *: No Reload
Numpad /: Unlock Slots
Numpad -: Invisible
Numpad +: Super Freeze/Burn/Shock
- Key: Super Speed
= Key: Super Jump
Alt + 0-9,*: Plasmids


Numpad 1: Health - this will try to keep you healed
Numpad 2: Eve - this will try to keep your Eve up
Numpad 3: Money - press this to add money
Numpad 4: Adam - press this to add Adam
Numpad 5: Easy Kills - press this and most enemies will die quickly
Numpad 6: Bot Clock - activate this and the security bots will leave you
	alone.  This kills the security bot clocks.
Numpad 7: Save Position - save your position
Numpad 8: Teleport - teleport
Numpad 9: Undo Teleport - undo teleport
Numpad 0: Items / Drill Fuel - your drill fuel will not deplete and when you
	use items like ammo or med kits they will not decline.
Numpad *: No Reload - certain weapons will not need to be reloaded.
Numpad /: Unlock Slots - Press this before entering a gene bank or before you
	enter a Garden and all your slots will unlock.  You can press this at
	any time to unlock them but you will not notice it until you enter the
	mentioned areas.
Numpad -: Invisible - Press this key and most enemies may sense you are in the
	area but will not see you and attack.
Numpad +: Super Shock/Burn - when you shock or burn with plasmids, the enemies
	continue to freeze and burne, 
- Key: Super Speed - press to move quicker
= Key: Super Jump - press to jump higher

Alt + 0-9,*: Plasmids - this option allows you to have the plasmid you desire
	earlier in the game than normal.  Some plasmids are \'locked\' to certain
	levels and may not \'activate\' (such as Summon Eleanor).  To use this,
	you MUST be at a gene bank and follow the instructions.

	First, press the key listed below then enter the gene bank.  Click on the
	combat plasmids and then select the FIRST plasmid in the list (it will be
	the first plasmid on the left side of the row and will correspond to the
	plasmid you had selected before entering the gene bank).  This plasmid
	will be listed to the RIGHT in the SAVED PLASMIDS LIST.  Click on it again
	and it will re-equip it back to that slot (or any other slot you decide to
	move it to).  This sounds complicated but is actually very easy.  For instance:

	If you wish to have Security Command plasmid, walk up the gene bank and press
	Alt key and Numpad 1 together.  You will hear \'activated\'.  Enter the gene bank.
	Click on the Combat Plasmids to open up the Plasmid Swap Window.  You will see
	you already have Security Command Plasmid equipped but it is not \'active\'.  To
	\'activate\' it, you will need to click on that plasmid (First plasmid in the list
	on the far left) to put it in the Saved Plasmids List and then click it from
	that list to put it back in the slot.  Leave the gene bank and that plasmid
	will now be active.  Some plasmids won\'t \'activate\' in certain levels.

Alt-Numpad 1: Electrobolt
Alt-Numpad 2: Telekinesis
Alt-Numpad 3: Incinerate
Alt-Numpad 4: Decoy
Alt-Numpad 5: Winter Blast
Alt-Numpad 6: Cyclone Trap
Alt-Numpad 7: Scout
Alt-Numpad 8: Hypnotize
Alt-Numpad 9: Insect Swarm
Alt-Numpad 0: Security Command
Alt-Numpad *: Summon Eleanor