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Wizard of Oz

For C64
Wizard of Oz Solution
By Allronix
Origina lly found at
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Greeti ngs, fellow traveler! So you have that old text adventure and want to
know how to solve it? Well, search no further! Just throw on your silver
slippers and queue up Pink Floyd\'s Dark Side of the Moon. Here we go.

The first hint: Read the book, fanboy! The movie version with Judy Garland
will not help you. One dandy thing about Windhams is their acute sense of
detail. Even when they didn\'t lift directly, they made sure the details were
right. This is FAR AND AWAY the closest adaptation, and works with not just
the famous first book, but much of the second and a visit to the third.
These books were my \"walk-through.\" Be glad they didn\'t lift from all TWENTY
of the original Baums.

My suggestions: This boasts the finest music of all the Windhams. Take time
to listen to it.

When asking one of your party to do something format it as follows \"(name),

Tinman, chop tree
Scarecrow, what next?
Tip, carve wood.

Also, be careful with the punctuation. This game (like all text adventures)
is very picky. Nothing\'s worse than typing a two-line long incantation and
having to do it all over because of a misspelled word or forgotten comma.

A great thing about this game is how well the game captures the
personalities as depicted in the book, with actual quotes when they can get
away with it. Scarecrow\'s words belie the fact that he is far from the
brainless being he thinks he is, Tinman\'s language is appropriately poetic,
and the Lion stutters like he did in the book. As much as I laughed at Burt
Lahr\'s \"Lion from Brooklyn,\" this is far more true. Take some time to \"ask\"
or \"tell\" your friends about things. You can also ask them \"WHAT NEXT?\" or
\"WHAT NOW?\" in a pinch.


Par t 1: Happy Landing!

We start out in our house, which looks like.well, a tornado hit it. You can
CLEAN if you like, or EXAMINE the items here, but you\'ll find nothing of
use. It\'s just you and your dog.

Next, EXIT HOUSE to find you\'re a long way from Kansas. Don\'t wander too
far. Stay put and EXAMINE your surroundings. Well, there are a pair of feet
beneath your house, and those silver SLIPPERS are much better for a long
walk than your beat-up farm shoes, so take them. What\'s that in the bushes?
It\'s GLINDA, the Witch of the South. You\'re free to ASK her about what
you\'ve landed in.


Evil Witch
**Emerald City

The most important question to ask her is about the Emerald City. She will
tell you that the journey is sometimes wonderful and sometimes terrible, but
she will put a blessing on you and kisses your forehead.

Proceed SOUTH. Glinda will bid farewell.

Part 2: Assembling the Party

First, you come to a crossroads. NORTH leads back to the house, SOUTH leads
to a cornfield and EAST is a blue house.

Well, no sooner have you started towards the house or the cornfield but lots
of little people jump out at you. One strides forward. He is BOQ, Mayor to
the Munchkins. The Munchkins are holding a large celebration party (gee, she
really must have been nasty!), and you are the guest of honor.

Being as you are a guest here, head EAST to the party. Sample the PIES,
FRUIT, or NUTS, and get in a DANCE or two. Boq will ask you to stay. Refuse
the offer. (Accepting will prematurely end the game. You live among the
Munchkins, but feel sad you never return home. No worries, though, by Book
8, Dorothy is living in Oz full-time anyway!). You\'re on a mission, and this
is a great opportunity to ask Boq about a few things.


Kan sas
**Emerald City
Evil Witch

Asking about the Emerald City gleans this tidbit - just drop Boq\'s name at
the gate, and you shouldn\'t have trouble getting in.

When it\'s time to go, either head WEST to the crossroad or SOUTH to an oak

(The neat thing here is that you don\'t have to get your party assembled in
the order the book or movie dictated. I\'ll stick to tradition here,

WEST takes you to the crossroad. SOUTH will get you to the cornfield.

It\'s a cornfield, just like the hundreds on family farms back homes. A hat
blows over the stalks and lands in front of you. When you TAKE the hat, you
hear a polite request to have it returned to its owner, a rather bored

You can return the Scarecrow\'s hat, and ask a few things. Tell him about the
Emerald City, and he\'ll mention that he\'d like to go there. So, TAKE him off
that pole and you have a road-trip buddy!

EAST takes you to the Oak tree south of the Munchkin village. North
backtracks to the Munchkin village, but there\'s nothing more for you there.
EAST will take you to a canyon, but you\'ll not be able to get across.  SOUTH
will take you to a bramble bush.

Going SOUTH, you get a choice. EAST will take you to the Forest (and the
Lion). WEST will take you to the Tinman\'s cottage. In the interest of
tradition, we\'ll head WEST.

Well, now.The TINMAN is in a bad spot, rusted solid. Go WEST to his Spartan
little cabin and TAKE the OILCAN. Go outside and oil his LEGS, ARMS, and
MOUTH. He will thank you for being so big-hearted. Talk with him a bit
(asking him about the Wizard, the city, or himself will do it) and he will
ask to come with you. Well, the more the merrier! (Refuse, and the poor dear
will cry himself rusted again!)

Head EAST twice and a LION will jump out at you. While it may seem insane,
ask TOTO to ATTACK. The little mutt\'s fierce barking will shame that big
coward into backing down. Ask the lion about himself, and he\'ll admit his
shortcomings, but he\'ll ask where you got the slippers and the mark on your
forehead. TELL LION ABOUT GLINDA, and you have earned his respect. Add him
to the party!

Part 3: \"Ease on down, ease on down the road!\"

Head NORTH to the canyon. The bridge is out and there\'s nothing here, but a
big walnut tree. Tell the Tinman to CHOP the TREE, and you\'ll have a bridge.
Head across, and you\'ll be stopped by two massive kalidahs (bear-tigers).
Well, you have the King of the Forest with you, don\'t you? Tell him to ROAR!
The mutated teddy bears high-tail it.

Head EAST, and there\'s a cliff. What to do now. If you ask, Scarecrow has an
idea, what if there was a pillow of some sort? He can make it down the cliff
okay, but the Lion and you would be badly injured and the Tinman would be
irreparable. Well send him down and ask him to MAKE PILLOW. Happy landings!
From the river, TAKE RAFT (hidden in plain sight).

There\'s a bit of a problem. The Scarecrow is stuck in the middle of the
river and the rest of you are carried downstream. A stork happens by and
asks if the Scarecrow\'s traveling with you. Tell her \"YES,\" and she\'ll fetch
him, but start flying off. FOLLOW the STORK until she drops him in the poppy

Well, you pass out from the poppies (insert grunge musician joke here). The
Tinman and the Scarecrow take you and Toto to sleep it off. However, the
Lion is still \"comfortably numb,\" and too big to carry. Ask the Tinman or
Scarecrow about the situation, and you\'ll be interrupted by a wildcat
chasing a little mouse with a crown on her head. Tell the Tinman to ATTACK
THE WILDCAT. ASK the MOUSE about the wildcat. Lo and Behold, you\'ve saved
the Queen of All Field Mice! Ask her if she can help with the Lion. She\'ll
summon her subjects and get that big lug out of trouble. Everyone but her
will leave. Talk to the Queen, and she\'ll finish your reward by taking you
to the Yellow Brick Road. FOLLOW her, and he Emerald City will be glittering
in the distance to the SOUTH!

Chapter 4: \"So you wanted to meet the Wizard.\"

Head SOUTH to the City Gates and RING the BELL. Enter the room, and you\'ll
be greeted by the Royal Army of Oz (yes, he is the entire army. Oz denizens
are pacifists by nature). He\'ll demand to know your business. Remember what
Boq said about dropping his name? Tell him about the munchkin mayor, and
you\'re in. Follow the Army, and he\'ll take you on the E-ticket tour.

This is an optional puzzle, but fun. Take the penny. When the gent comes
running up to yiu, give him his penny, and he\'ll hand you nickels for
lemonade. Buy lemonade and enjoy. The coins are useless anywhere else in the
game. Examining the coins will provide a useful tip later on. The shiny new
penny has the large head stamped on one side and the palance on the other.
The old, tarnished nickel the man gives you has a young prince on one side
and the palace on the other.

Following the Army again will take you to the Palace.  Enter the Palace.
From here, you are escorted to a room with a wardrobe and a mirror. Open the
wardrobe and put on the green gown. Examine the mirror for a reminder of why
you are here. Exit the room to rejoin your party.

Here is the Great and Powerful Oz. These are among the few liberties they
took. In the book, the party goes individually, each seeing a different
illusion. Here, they stick with the giant head, which is what Dorothy saw.
TELL the Wizard about BRAINS, HEART, COURAGE, and KANSAS, and ignore the
cheap puns Mighty Oz makes at your expense. He then tells you to go after
the Wicked Witch of the West, and don\'t come back without proof that she\'s
dead. LEAVE the throne room, and the Army escorts you through the West

Part 5: Hey! That\'s in the SECOND book!

The second book, The Land of Oz, is the basis for this section, and Dorothy
wasn\'t even in that one! No worries, it reverts to the first book soon

You start out in Winkie Country, the lands to the west of Emerald City.
You\'re in front of the door to a charming hovel. WEST is a maple tree, but
we\'ll go there later. Right now, KNOCK on the door. The hostess, Mombi, is
concocting a brew and would like you to taste-test it. Just ask her about it
or her boy Tip, and she\'ll happily tell you it\'s to get him (and you)
stoned - as in \"turned into.\" Uh, later! Head south, but the door\'s locked.
She takes the batch with her into the back room.

She left behind her Powder of Life. TAKE it. Your pals notice an escape
route and you bail. Head WEST to the maple tree. Forget heading east, but
NORTH is a pumpkin patch, and NORTH is a clearing. Move towards either, and
a little scamp will leap from the trees and start attacking the Lion. He\'s
Tip, Mombi\'s slave. Well, you don\'t want to leave him behind. Talking to Tip
about Mombi or the evil witch provides some useful clues, even if the latter
is only relevant to someone who\'s lived under a rock! Take the little guy
along, and he promises not to cause trouble.

Heading NORTH the to the pumpkin patch gives you an idea: Mombi hates
Halloween. Well, take the pumpkin, tell the Tinman to chop some wood, and
tell Tip to carve the pumpkin. Time to scare her! Examining the Powder
provides instructions:

1) Sprinkle powder on (object)
2) Say, \"Tickle, Tackle, Tock. You may now begin to walk.\"

There are four doses of powder in the tin. You\'ll need three.

Well, sprinkle it on the pumpkin, say the incantation, and you\'ll have a
living, sneezing pumpkin. BRUSH the powder away, and he\'ll want to come
along. Jack may have a soft head, but he is a sweetie.

Heading WEST will take you to a river, but the ferryman is most unhelpful.
Time to head SOUTH to the clearing. There\'s a sawhorse and a rope here. Take
that rope, sprinkle powder on the sawhorse, say the magic words, and the
computer plays the William Tell Overture (aka The Lone Ranger theme). The
Sawhorse is loose. LASSO the sawhorse (ye haw!), and add him to your merry
crew. Head NORTH and RIDE THE SAWHORSE across the river.

(Here is where we start heading back to book 1)

Into the meadow, headed WEST. You will pass several illusions. The first is
a field of sunflowers. The second is a wall. Ignore the wall, it\'s bogus, so
are the roads that appear next. Just keep going WEST. Uh-oh, brush fire. The
Sawhorse and Scarecrow are panicking, but the other wooden party member is
perplexed. Jack sees no fire at all. Ask him to LEAD the way.

Head WEST into the forest. A pack of wolves! Ask the Lion to roar. At the
sight of their monarch, the wolves back off. Next, a murder of crows. Well,
the Scarecrow was designed to scare them, right? Last, is the killer bees.
Duck behind the Tinman and ask him to shield. The bees are no match for

Now, in come the flying monkeys, and the party is outclassed. They carry you
all off. The Lion puts up a good fight, but you pass out and come to with
janitorial duty for the boss from hell - AKA the Wicked Witch. Well, screw
that! Take the bucket and THROW BUCKET at WITCH. Take the cap. Head NORTH.
Opening the wooden box reveals your party - what\'s left of them. An orange
ball (Jack), a scrap of wood (Sawhorse), a tin pipe (Tin man), straw
(Scarecrow), a fuzzy ball (Toto), a furry ball (Lion), and a little boy doll
(Tip). There\'s also a large, carved stick in the box. Take the wand and WAVE
it over the box. That revives your party. Head EAST and SOUTH.

You can use the cap to call the monkeys and ask them to take you to the
Emerald City, or head EAST, RIDE SAWHORSE, head EAST, SOUTH, EAST, and then
EAST to the Emerald City.

Act 5: Oz under siege

Show the cap to the Army, and he\'ll take you into the receiving chamber.
You\'ll have to WAIT several times. Knock again, and you enter. Show the cap
to the Wizard, and it becomes obvious he\'s stalling. Your ticked off party
shows its teeth. Lion roars, Toto jumps, and the sham is revealed. Ask that
Cornhusker con artist about providing what he promised for your party. He\'ll
reward with tokens, of course, but not before telling them that what they
sought was in them the whole time. Asking about the \"Book 2\" party members
(Tip, Jack, Sawhorse), yields that Tip should visit Glinda, but there is
nothing much to be done for Jack or Sawhorse. He has a balloon, and is ready
to take you back to the fair Midwest, though. Say yes to his offer.

The Wizard is leaving Jack and Sawhorse in charge. (worse than a possible
President Quayle). When in the balloon, Toto will leap out. Follow your
little dog (you can stay in the balloon, but it\'ll be another \"premature
ending\") and rejoin your friends. Ask \"what Next\" to any of them, and
they\'ll suggest heading for Glinda\'s to the south.

All is not well. There\'s an army at the gates. \"General\" Jinjur and her crew
are going to ransack the Emerald City! (This is another lift from the second
book, and I think Baum was satirizing the suffragettes). Heading south will
take you to a premature ending. Run NORTH back to the city.

Tell Jack about the army outside waiting to make pie out of him. The Tinman
will have the sense to bolt the palace, but it seems that you\'re trapped.
Maybe not. LOOK around, and the barred doors are to the south. A window is
to the north, and there\'s a trap door in the ceiling. Well, head UP.

Not much here on the veranda but furniture. Time to cook up something
straight out of a Ozian MacGuyver. Tie the two couches together. Tie the
leaves to the sofa, and tie on the gump head. Now, break open the powder of
life, and animate your flying machine. All aboard! Tell Gump to fly.

Well, you\'re out of the city, but you\'ve landed in a Jackdaw nest. These are
nasty birdies. Your Gump\'s lost its wings and wishes to be left alone. Honor
his request. You have two options. SOUTH to a grassy hill, or EAST to some
trees. Uh oh! It seems the birdies are back and really ticked off. HIDE
UNDER STRAW. Unstuffing the Scarecrow provides you cover, but his straw is
gone! Well, rummaging around the nest, you find plenty of dollar bills.
Stuff your friend with the money.

Heading EAST will take you to a most unusual fellow. This is the WOBBLEBUG.
Do not insult him by referring to him as \"bug.\" (he\'ll run) He is quite the
intelligent fellow, and will happily answer most any question you have on a
famous Oz denizen.

Heading SOUTH will take you to a grassy hill with a troupe of tin soldiers
waiting to be brought to life. Too many for the powder, though. EAST is a
pond, WEST is a large rock and the road to Emerald City. You\'re badly
outnumbered at the moment.

Head EAST for now. It\'s a crossroad. NORTH is a grove of trees. Go there.
There are music boxes growing on trees! (with a money-stuffed, brainy
Scarecrow and the pumpkin-headed ruler of Oz in your party, this surprises
you?). Take the round box and the square one. The square ones plays a
military march (Nutcracker Suite). The round ones plays a lullaby that puts
the Oz natives in your party to sleep (Braham\'s Lullaby).

Head SOUTH and WEST. Open that square box, TAKE the SOLDIERS and head WEST.
The Soldier with the green whiskers will meet you, and follow his head. Head
NORTH and watch Jinjur\'s so-called \"army\" head for the hills! (As the
computer plays the 1812 Overture).

Part 6: Off to see Glinda.

Heading South, Jack will stop you the first time. South again will bid him
farewell and you\'re off to Quadling Country to the South. This is slow going
for all but the Lion. In face, he feels quite at home here. WEST leads to a
colorful tent, and SOUTH will go to a gully.  Head WEST for now.

Oh, no! The Tree\'s snagged Scarecrow. Well, ask the Tinman to chop the tree.
It\'ll free the Scarecrow. Take the party WEST. Inside the colorful tent is a
clockwork creation with a big wind-up key. Well, wind the key, and you are
talking to TIKTOK (who is out of the THIRD book)! TAKE him along. You can
head EAST back to the trees or SOUTH to a china wall.

There\'s not much to do here, but it\'s optional. STEP OVER the wall, and
examine the residents of this land, but remember how fragile they are. Step
over it again and head WEST to the gully.

In the Gully, the re\'s a lot of trouble. The leaderless animals are afraid
tof something and in great debate. Unfortunately, they\'re conversing in
their native tongues, and a human like you can\'t translate. Ask the Lion to
TALK to them. The biggest tiger will tell him the problem. There\'s a nasty
creature in the cave to the south. Well, head South. You\'ll meet up with the
Spider From Hell. Tell the Lion to ATTACK THE SPIDER. The big kitty will
dispatch the nasty bug. The rest of the animals carry you all on their backs
and your Lion has a kingdom!\' Head SOUTH towards Glinda\'s.

The Hill of Hammerheads, and the residents will not let you pass. Well open
that music box, and everyone will fall asleep. That includes your party.all
except Tiktok. Ask him to CARRY THE PARTY. Huzzah, you are at Glinda\'s!

Say \"yes\" to hear the story. Once, there was a good King of Oz who united
the four lands. He died, leaving only a small son as heir. His sisters, who
wanted to rule, studied the Dark Arts and became the East and West witches.
At this point, the Wizard came, and managed to convince the people that he
was the rightful ruler. He sent the child away to Mombi, and freaked out
when you not only exposed him as a fraud, but brought the heir back to the

(The books presented another twist. In the books, the child was a girl
bespelled to appear as a boy! Tip became Ozma, ruler of Oz. When Dorothy
returned to Oz to stay, she became Ozma\'s best friend and chief advisor.)

Tip is crowned king, Jack is Mayor of Emerald City, Tiktok is the palace
guard. Lion returns to the gully and his throne.  Scarecrow becomes the
Treasurer, Tinman becomes Commander in Chief of the Tin Soldiers.

Once your friends are seen to, Glinda asks you if you\'d like to return home.
Say \"yes\" and CLICK YOUR HEELS.

You are back in Kansas.You win.

This may be the end of the game, but not the end of Dorothy Gale\'s
adventures. Please read the other books in the series. You\'ll not be