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Wizards Crown

For C64
Wizard\'s Crown(an Apple IIe RPG) Walkthrough

Copyright 2000 Andrew Schultz

Version 1.0.1 5/8/2000

This walkthrough is copyright 2000 by Andrew Schultz.  It is part of my 
contribution to efforts to preserve classic Apple games.  Please do not 
redistribute for profit without my permission, as this FAQ required an 
investment of my time.

Wizard\'s Crown copyright 1984 SSI, Inc.

My page for miscellaneous info. on this and other classic Apple games is 
at: xhibit/2762/games/games.htm

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(Begin FAQ proper)


  You must venture into the ruined city south of Arghan and defeat 
Tarmon, who has terrorized your city with the help of the Wizard\'s 


  Remember to SEARCH when you seem to come across an interesting place.  
Otherwise, you won\'t be able to enter any buildings.  Note also when 
your location description changes(i.e. \"City\" to \"Poor area\" or 
\"Marketplace\" it is a good idea to search.
  Generally, combats are tougher and more frequent at night than in the 
morning.  Just warm up at first.  Thugs aren\'t too bad if you don\'t face 
a bunch at once.  Stop by the temples(near north and south gates--
restore karma) and taverns(restore morale, get advice) and the inn(spend 
the night)frequently.  Remember that all gates close at night, and shops 
are closed too, so if you\'re stuck outside of town you\'re out of luck.  
The THIEVES\' GUILD is on the east side.  Get acquainted with the town 
first, though.  The three-by-three block of white squares to the north 
is a good place to sell, and to the west of that, there is a group of 
thugs chasing a girl.  Attack them and she will tell you to visit her 
father\'s mansion north of town.  Do so, but start out early in the 
  Skills to build up quickly include haggling(just one player--trade 
valuable gems to him so that he can sell them!), search(to find more 
valuable gems) and karma(because if you\'re like me, you always seem to 
try for one fight too many...)  Two should know cure disease/poison in 
case one is killed.

  Within the inner wall is the marketplace.  There are many good places 
to visit.  In the northeast corner, they will increase an item\'s magic 
charge for 50 gold if you can wait a day.  You must have gold 
pieces(exchange money in the center, where the location has a TYPO \"many 
shops\") as otherwise your cash will not be accepted.  The armory is also 
south of the market, and training(the only place to cash out your 
experience) is to the east.  The park(green area) has an old man that 
tells a different story each day.  Search for him where the road goes 
through the park.

  On the road, never attack approaching merchants.  It won\'t go over too 
well with the townfolk.  Off the road, there are a lot of wild animals.  
Just remember in the northwest, there is a potion shop, and in the 
northeast, there is a mansion.  The father of the girl you can rescue in 
town is there.  Accept the sword--+2 broadsword, and although you\'ll 
find better, this is an excellent magic weapon to start with.  Beware of 
the tavern--it gives good advice, but you may be stuck outside of the 
town at night, which is at best an inconvenience, as monsters are more 
plentiful at night.

  Generally, the farther south you go in the ruins, the tougher combats 
are.  Especially tough are the combats in the far south grassy area--
excellent places to build up a party for the final combat, and that\'s 
before you get there.  In temples, the word \"SHALPA\" will allow you to 
enter and restore karma/rest.  Only the inn will restore magic power, 
though.  There are three areas to find in the ruins--the old thieves\' 
guild, Gozaroth\'s mansion, and the palace.
  I consider the ruins to have six sectors:  northwest, northeast, west 
central, east central, southwest, and southeast.  When the disk loads, 
you have changed sectors.
  There\'ll be a lot of fights you\'ll need to gain experience.  Quick 
combat is most useful, and probably you will want to have several 
attributes at 250 or close before meeting Tarmon.  They are the weapon 
you use, karma/spell power, and life force(if you can hack all the 
combat), in approximately that order.  Improving strength to 16 so you 
can wear plate mail is not a bad idea in the meantime.  With your money, 
enchant items that have magic besides \"+1,\" i.e. a storm flail.


  Mapping is not terribly tough.  If there is a spot you cannot seem to 
map, try to walk on(use the 12345678 movement square) or examine the 
walls around it.
  When looking for items, you should be aware that many chests, when 
opened, will leave seemingly useless stuff(moth-eaten clothes)--this is 
just part of the detail the authors try to add to the game.
  For dungeons in general I recommend not having any party member 
following the leader.  It\'s just too cumbersome, and you can flee easily 
enough in combat.  However, changing the leader is often a good idea if 
your leader is low on power(you need to open stubborn doors somehow!)
  Remember that you cannot save the game in dungeons.  Be sure to exit 
immediately when you find an important item, because if you die, you\'ll 
have to re-set and re-solve the dungeon.


  This is in the middle of the poor area of the city, on the east side.  
There\'s really not a lot to do here although you can buy some magic 
stuff and even visit the master thief.  He\'ll tell you where the old 
thieves\' guild is(14 east of the entry to the ruins.  It\'s marked 
distinctively--looks like the thieves\' guild--in case you forget.)


  There is nothing special on the first level apart from the well you 
need to descend to get to the second.  Be sure to bring along 50 feet of 

  On the second level there are important clues and a very important 
item.  In the third cell, there\'s a clue, and in the fifth, there\'s an 
emerald key, which is critical for getting certain places.  You also 
find the location of Gozaroth\'s Mansion.  There\'s some assorted treasure 
as well.


Gozaroth\'s is in the west central sector of the ruins, due south of the 
gate to the city.  Be sure to have the emerald key or you won\'t be able 
to get very far.

  One-third of a Golem Staff(useful for beating Golems) is in a pickle 

  \"Don\'t let maids clean up the school room!\"  Search the fireplace 
there for the second part of the golem staff.  Also a clue that the 
master\'s cloak is covered with acid.

  Search the chest full of sticks two times to find the third part of 
the staff--with all three parts in one person\'s hand you can form the 
Golem Staff.  A cloak you find is a trap as per the clue on level 2.  
Gozaroth is waiting in the southwest.  He tells you the Ward Word is 
Robin and also tells you about the Ward Pact Demons(susceptible to only 
one of BASH, CUT and THRUST damage--determined at random)  Ward Pact 
Demons are found on the first level of the castle.


  The palace is in the southeast section of the ruins.  Gozaroth gave 
you a word to use at the palace gates.  You\'ll need to use it in 
conjunction with the key.
  Be sure to bring 150\' of rope, or you\'ll have to backtrack when you 
get to level 6.

  Search the room east of entry to find a map.

  This level contains an invisible maze.  You got the map on level 1 and 
can ready it with both hands to view it, but I\'m including it below the 
paragraph as a spoiler.  \"+\" indicates where it is safe to step and \"x\" 
indicates lightning(heavy injury but no bleeding) will strike you there.  
Zeros are inaccesible squares, and \"p\" indicates a pillar the computer 
suggests that you examine.  It\'s imperative that you have one active 
character and no followers.  Otherwise you can\'t be sure what sort of 
damage your followers will sustain.

NOTE:  The computer will indicate if there are blank squares you can\'t 
step on.

Carriage returns below to avoid revealing total \"spoiler.\"

000000000+00000000 0000000+0000
0+++++0x0+++0x0x00++++++0+ ++x0
0+ 00000+0+0+000+0++++x0+++++00
0+0x0+++0+ 0+0+++0x00x00x000++0
0+0+++0+0+0+0+0000 0000000000+0
0x0+0x0+++0+++++++++++++++ +0+0
0+ +++0x++0+++0x000000000x0+0+0
0+00+000++ +0+++++++++++0+++0+0
0+x0+0x000000000+0 00+0+0x0+0+0
0+00+++++++++++++0x0+0+000 +0x0
0+ 0x++++++++++0000++0000x0+0x0
0+00+00+00 +00+0x+++0000000+0+0
0+x0+x0+x0+0x+00x0 00000000+++0
0000000000+000000000000000 0000

  There are magic doors here.  The pillar on level 3 was a basic code 
for how to get certain doors to open.  The code is below:

  Open Close
N ...C ....
E O... C.OC
W OCO. ..O.
H OOCO ....
F CC.C ....

  What does this mean?  These are the combinations for being able to 
open/close a door.  It says whether, respectively, the status of the 
North, East, South, and West doors required to open said door.  For 
instance, to open the West door, the North and South doors must be 
opened, and the East door must be closed, and the West door\'s status 
doesn\'t matter.  However, to close the West door, the South door must be 

  H and F stand for hidden and far doors.  The hidden door is two west 
of the south door.  The far door is south of it.  Between the H and F 
doors is vital information.

  Technically, you can just open the west door, walk through the 
oppressive hallway(damaging your morale hugely), and get to Tarmon.  
However, you\'ll still need to know a WORD(see below) to get the crown 

  Opening the west door is hard enough.  A walkthrough is below, with 
extra carriage returns to prevent spoilers.  If you get stuck, there is 
always a way out.  Look for where you are in the walkthrough, or try to 
get there.

Action  |Status(NSEW)
Op en N  |OCCC
Open E  |OOCC
Close N |COCC
Open S  |COOC
Close E |CCOC
Open N  |OCOC
Open W  |OCOO
Open E  |OOOO
Close S |OOCO
Open H  |OOCO
Close N |COCO
Open S  |COOO
Close W |COOC
Close E |CCOC
Open F  |CCOC

  There\'s a tough fight here, but other than that, you just go from the 
southeast to the northwest and down to level 6.  The rubble is 

  Tarmon taunts you again...but now that you are in the Garden of Life, 
why not drink from the stream(examine it)?  It\'ll heal you for the 
upcoming battle.  Stand inside the contraption on the north wall and 
examine to the north.  If you\'ve got 150 feet of rope the north wall 
will open up and you\'ll meet Tarmon.
  Unless you\'ve byte-edited the disk, Tarmon will prove a tough 
proposition.  You can\'t touch him with magic weapons or yours will 
disintegrate, so have someone attack him with a sharp weapon.  The other 
demons are tough but not impossible.  Once you get past them, refresh 
your characters again by drinking from the stream.
  Examine the square a couple squares west of the table.  There\'s a 
keyhole, where the emerald key fits.  Ready your emerald key and hit O 
to open.  You will be asked your name--tell them what you learned on the 
fourth floor(it\'s in WORD SPOILERS below too) or you\'ll be killed.  Once 
you get the Wizard\'s Crown, back-tracking is not hard.  Beware, however, 
that on the first floor you will be attacked by demons that break from 
statues in the palace\'s entry room.


  Lots of fights.  Ready the Wizard\'s Crown, of course, Be sure your 
characters are plenty good and stop off at a temple and pray, etc. if 
you have to.  Go north as quickly as possible because you will probably 
get a fight every other move at least.  Also, be sure that it is morning 
when you start out(or use time in a temple) because you do NOT want to 
be caught by a bunch of monsters at dark.
 Once you get in the city with the crown, there\'s a two-page blurb 
acknowledging your achievements and a side note saying you may be able 
to import your characters into a planned sequel--that sequel happens to 
be called \"Eternal Dagger.\"  In the meantime, you can loot the ruins if 
you feel like it.


(white space below)

  The word \"SHALPA\" gets you in temples in the ruins.
  The word \"Robin\" combined with the Emerald Key lets you in the 
enclosure that leads to the castle.
  The word \"Dorval\" is required to take the Wizard\'s Crown.


The bluntest form of cheating is to run through the Palace, fight 
everyone, reboot, and run through it again when there are no monsters 
there.  You sustain a lot less damage that way.

I haven\'t fully sharpened up the cheating on the Apple.  However, 
critical character data is below for each slot(A-H):

Offset   |Attributes
---------+----------------- ---------------------------------------- -----
0014-0019|Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Max/Current Life, 
001f-0020|Current Power/Maximum Power
002c-002d|Maximum Karma/Current Karma
0033-0048|Various character skills
004a-0050|Various character skills

A:  F620
B:  F6C0(note:  To edit anything after F6FF, start at F500 and not F700.  
In other words, subtract 200 from F6C0+offset)
C:  F560
D:  F400
E:  F4A0
F:  F340
G:  F3E0(note:  To edit anything after F3FF start at F200 and not F400.)
H:  F280

Examples:  Say you wanted to set character E\'s attributes all to 250.  
Pull out a hexadecimal calculator and...
F4A0+14=F4B4, F4A0+19=F4B9.  So bytes F4B4 to F4B9 in your hexadecimal 
editor should become FA(250 in hexadecimal)...
Repeat for the other offsets in the table.

However, say you wanted to set character G\'s skills to 199.  199 in hex 
is C7.  But since the Apple reads \"tracks\" of 256 bytes backwards, F200 
and not F400 is immediately after F3FF, so 200 hex must be subtracted.  
F3E0+48 =F428-200=F228.  So you would change bytes F213 to F228 to C7.  
Also you could change F22A to F230 to C7 and that would take care of all 
your abilities.  To change your max/current power you would have to 
modify bytes F200 and F3FF.  This is one of those \"border cases.\"

NOTE:  editing this way may destroy your characters\' abilities to 
pray(i.e. they can\'t).  I think I tripped something I should not have 
and can\'t figure what.  So be warned--byte editing can backfire.  But 
also note that I won the game fairly easily with these changes, almost 
never sustaining life-draining damage from monsters.  But if you want to 
be prudent, check praying ability after each byte you change.  I\'m a bit 
too busy to do it, but if you can, please mail me!

Vers ions:
1.0.1 5/8/2000 Oops!  Forgot the text version of the invisible map to 
level 3.  Added brief dungeon strategies.
1.0.0 4/23/2000 Initial version completed, with cheating techniques.

Credits: for the maps which made my walk-through MUCH 
easier(strangely, he didn\'t have the level 3 map--but it exposed secret 
doors quickly for the other levels.)  Kahei at for a marvelous 
hex editor that allowedme to concentrate on the puzzles.