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For C64
Unlimited lives:
Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC commands before running or restarting the program. 

POKE 2405,255
POKE 2406,255 
Unlimited lives (alternate):
Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC command before running or restarting the program. 

POKE 2178,255

---------------------------- ---
Popeye          1986 by Piranha
Solved by Darksoft
Typed by Flexman and Darksoft
------------------------------ -

To play this game is very important to understand that while you are in a screen there are different
standing lines. You can stand in the same position but be closer or further to the horizon line.

This means i.e. that you can meet with one opponent, but you won't be hurt if you are 
in a different plane. Play a little bit around to get used to it.  

Every time you touch an enemy you lose a life. If you have in your inventory a can of spinaches you will
eventually continue playing. Otherwise the game is over.

Every time we visit Olivia to give her the hearts we collected, we can check if we did everything Ok 
by checking the number of hearts we are suppose to have (X)

The following solution is just one example, you can collect the hearts in a different order and also
finish the game. The goal is to collect all 25 hearts and give them to Olivia.

Go W
Take spinach and 2 hearts,  give them to Olivia(2) (you must stand in front of her and press up)
E, climb up rope and take key
W, W, open door of tower, go to the top of the tower and take the key and spinach.
Go one floor down in the tower, go to the left part and jump so that you get the 2nd key
Go up to the top of the tower
W, wait in the platform until the UFO comes and jump on it(press down)
as you fly on the next screen jump upwards toward a smiley coin, you won't grab the coin and you 
will fall one floor down.
Get the key and the heart on the left. Continue to the left and get another key.
Go down and open the door.
Go back to the door you just opened and turn right to get a new heart.
You see another heart at the other side of the door. To pick it up go back W,
press down to change plane and go E. Enter the door and get other heart,
Go W back to Olivia(3) and give her all the hearts you have.
Go back to the tower, go W and jump on the UFO again, wait to reach the next screen
fall down just before the coin and go left to get the heart you just saw when passing on the UFO.
go left to fall down and give the heart to Olivia(1)
W, climb up the rope, go left on the roof and catch the coin, press down to fall and you will be one 
screen down.
Go back to the tower, climb it up again, use the UFO again. Get down at the very right to the 
slot machine.
Jump up to the arm of the bandit, so that you play the game.
Each of the six boxes will show images or letters, you must get it to show "Popeye" (The three upper
boxes will show POP and the three lower EYE)
The good thing is that you can lock some letter when they match what you needed.
To do so go to any of the boxes and turn left to block the lower box or right to block the upper one.
After getting the word POPEYE you can now see 6 hearts.
Take only 2 of the hearts and go to the green fence and press down to jump down, you will land on a ship
Now you will have to be really used to moving between the different planes.
Grab the key in the middle of the boat and go down the water through the anchor's chain on the left.
Open the door and you will be by Olivia(3). Give her all the hearts and go back through the door you
just got tele-transported to go back to the sea.
Get the 3 hearts on the upper deck and mast of the boat and give them to Olivia(3).
Go back again to the deck of the boat and go right to get the fuse that lights the cannon.
Now go back down to the sea and the anchor and take the two overlapped hearts and go through the 
teleporting door again.
Give the hearts to Olivia(2) and go E.
Climb up the rope two stages and open the door by the dragon (be careful not to get too close or you die)
Grab the key and go back to the rope to the top of this same screen, go left, then down the stairs (you
are standing now behind the dragon). Now go W to the cannon room.
Grab the heart by the cannon. You must now climb up the rope and jump on the cannon so that you land
on it when it shows a green flashing. If you do it before or after it is green you die, otherwise 
you'll be catapulted to the upper level and will grab a new heart. It's advised to save here.
Change between planes and you'll also get the key on your right. Go W.
Get the pepper. Grab also the two hearts in this room. 
Go E, Open the door and get a new heart.
Go down, E and you'll be again by the dragon. As you have the pepper now, the Dragon won't hurt you and 
you can get a new heart. Go back to Olivia (5) and give them to her.
Go back to the Cannon (E, Up, Up, W) and climb up the rope. This time go to the E.
You see several ropes, two doors one key and a can of spinaches. Grab the two hearts and the key and 
open the upper door.
Climb up the rope and go W to give the hearts to Olivia (2).
We now go back W to the tower, and up again on the UFO to the slot machine ot grab the 4 remaining hearts.
We go back to Olivia (4) give her the last 4 hearts and enter the house where she is.
And they happily lived together.