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One Must Fall 2097

For PC
                   .--. . . .-.     .  . . . .-. .-.              
             //       |  | || :-      |/| | | `-.  |        \      
           /'/        `--' ' ' `-'     '  ' `-' `-'  '         `   
         [\_/        .-. .-. .   .   .   .-. .-. .-. .-.        \_/] 
         I  |..,     |-  |-| |   |   .    /  | | `-|   |     ...|  I 
         [__]-~      '   ' ' `-' `-'     `-- `-' `-'   '      ~-[__]  
         || H         (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions          H ||    
         || ||                    _________                    || || 
         ||  ||                  /  _   _                    ||  ||
         ||  ||                 | |(_) (_)| |                 ||  ||
          L| /                 | |__   __| |                 / L|
 _________|/'_ \________________|___]___[___|__________ ______/ _`|_________
          | (_) |------[ ______               ______ ]------| (_) |         
 ---...___I     `\______ ._ ```---.__ __.---''' _. /______/'     I___...---
          ~~~~----'~~~~/_  ^ \_       ~       _/ ^  /_~~~~`----~~~~ 
                             ~-.           .-~  /     
                          /_             /    /_  
                                       /    /     
                             /_     \_/     /_      
                                / /          
                              /' /          `  
                            /'  /             `  
                        __/____/__         __\____\__
                          (_)  /             (_)  /
                         |   /                  /|     
                         ||/||               ||/||
                         ||  ||               ||  ||
                         ||  ||               ||  ||
                         |H  H|               |H  H|
                      .---H--H---.         .---H--H---.
                     / ^ \__|__|__/ ^        / ^ \__|__|__/ ^ 
                     |/'   /   `|       |/'   /   `|

"One Must Fall: 2097 FAQ" 

(1) Foreword & Basic Tutorial --READ THIS ENTIRE SECTION--
(1.1) The Foreword
(1.2) Disclaimer
(1.3) Basic Tutorial
(1.4) Understanding Special Move Sequences
(1.4)(A) Direction & Attack Buttons Legend
(1.4)(B) Special Moves Punctuation Legend
(1.5) Shareware Differences
(1.6) The 2.0 Modem/Network Upgrade
*(1.7) Recording/Playing Back Matches
*(1.8) Understanding Rehit Mode

(2) Known Secrets & Hidden/Unranked Challengers
(2.1) The Hidden Difficulty Levels
(2.2) The Hidden Advanced Options Menu
(2.3) Unranked Challengers - Tournament
(2.4) Tournament Mode Enhancements
(2.5) Fire in the Hole, Ice in the Basement
(2.6) Odds'n'Ends Secrets
(2.7) At Wit's End?
(2.8) One Player Attribute Editor
(2.9) Using the Nova in One Player Mode
(2.A) Questions -I- Need Answered

(3) 'bot Descriptions, Moves, & Other Swell Stuff...
*(3.1) Jaguar 
*(3.2) Shadow
*(3.3) Thorn
*(3.4) Pyros
*(3.5) Electra
*(3.6) Katana
*(3.7) Shredder
*(3.8) Flail
*(3.9) Gargoyle
*(3.A) Chronos
*(3.B) Nova

(4) In Closing, etc., etc., etc...
*(4.1) The Future of OMF
(4.2) Future Expansion
(4.3) Where to get the Latest Version of the FAQ
(4.4) How to Contact //e
*(4.5) Revision History
*(4.6) Credits

(1) Foreword & Basic Tutorial

This section contains the Foreword, Disclaimer, and all the
basics that you need to know to become familiar with the game. If you
have never played the game before, or are not completely familiar
with the game's mechanics, be sure to read at least Sections (1.3)
- (1.4).

(1.1) The Foreword

Sick and tired of all those other OMF moves lists you find on
your local bulletin boards or in your favorite gaming mag that have
move combinations that never seem to work, or have directions that
are only slightly more comprehensible than the German README.TXT
file you got with that foreign variation of Tetris? Does it seem 
like someone forgot something vital, like maybe "testing", when
they uploaded or published those lists? Are you often finding
yourself gnashing your teeth when the computer performs a lethal
Destruction on your hapless 'bot, while you can only desire sweet
vengeance in the form of seeing your opponent impaled on your
Thorn's spikes? Or maybe you long to wind up and smash the upper body
off the AI's 'bot with that wicked Nova. Do you mirror a sentiment
all-too-common among most people playing this game?: "How the (your
favorite expletive here) do I DO that?"

Well, look no further. This FAQ is exactly the OMF guide for
your destructive pleasure. (Albeit politically-correct destructive
pleasure) All the combinations for special moves listed in this
file haven't been taken straight from the $10 strategy guide that
only a pansy gamer would buy from Epic. No, all these codes have
been gleaned through blood, sweat, and blisters in the Arena after
hours and hours of heated battle, like a real gamer would--with a few
of the moves ripped out of what passes as the current OMF FAQ. So
what does this mean? It means that, so long as you're not using an
older/updated version of OMF than myself, all the moves listed
here (which covers just about 99.9% of all moves in the game--to my
knowledge) are guaranteed, or your money back. Heck, maybe I can
swing a deal with the SysOps to give you back your DL credit if
you're not completely satisfied.

If you haven't gotten the registered version of this game yet,
order it today. This is, in my opinion, the best fighting game by far
ever produced for MS-DOS computers. The gameplay is the best of any
fighting game(SF2 & MK series included) out there. My only real
quirk with OMF is its lack of scrolling backgrounds, causing the
fighting to sometimes feel crowded; and maybe they'll fix this in the
sequel. Aside from that, this game is killer, and nearly flawless.
There's more secrets and hidden characters in this game than MK I & II
put together, making for incredible replay value trying to find all
the hidden moves, hidden characters, & special enhancements.

And all that without the "blood'n'guts" that sets off parental
warning groups. I won't speak for everyone, but knocking bolts &
sheets of metal from an opponent is every bit as satisfying as
bleeding your enemy to death. Anti-violence advocates can't even
attack the "Scrap" and "Destruction" moves, as they are not in any
way connected with harming real people(or even fictitious people).
Ingenious. Epic Megagames, Rob Elam, Ryan Elam, & all others involved
in the creative process are to be well applauded.

Hopefully, this file will be expanded as any new knowledge
about the game comes to my attention, and I'll slowly be able to
fill in the few gaps I'm currently not certain on. And, by
downloading this file, you're supporting your friendly neighborhood
FAQ writer by making higher demand for these files in the future.
Now don't you feel better about yourself?

Be sure and read through this entire section, if you're not
completely familiar with the game, for basic gameplay instructions
and tips.

NOTE: Those of you only playing the shareware version, look under
"Shareware Differences", Section (1.5) for minor changes in some
of the scraps.

(1.2) Disclaimer (Unless you're an Epic employee, you can skip this)

This FAQ and myself are not in any way connected with Epic
Megagames. "One Must Fall: 2097" is, I presume, a registered
trademark of Diversions Entertainment, or Epic Megagames, or both.
I don't know. I don't care. "OFFICIAL //att sTrAgEdY Guide"
is not a trademark of anything. Feel free to mention them in
anything you write without including me in your Disclaimer list. I'm 
not even sure how to get a trademark; & I'm too cheap to waste money 
on anything other than games anyway. I only wrote this because I pity 
the poor idiots like myself that tried to understand the pitiful
instructions in the other OMF FAQs before they finally gave up and
just messed around till they got something to work. If anyone is
dissatisfied with the results of this FAQ, or unable to get the
moves to work right, despite the fact that they have done
everything to my every letter, then you have my sympathy. And
that's it. If strange demons infest your household due to heinous
combinations of joystick movements in conjunction with unheard of
swearing by you when moves don't work, don't contact me complaining.
Call your local exorcist. I'll be working on the next revision.
For all technical reasons, this FAQ IS copyright, (C)1995. Why, I
really don't know... David just told me to do it. Like anyone would
rob a poor FAQ writer?
(I told you to skip this... Now get out of here)

(1.3) Basic Tutorial

# Each 'bot has 15 basic Attacks--7 basic Punches, 7 basic
Kicks, and 1 Throw or Grab. The basic Punches and Kicks
are different in speed & power, ranging from weak & fast
(referred to as "light") to fairly strong & fairly quick
(referred to as "medium") to powerful & slow (referred to
as "heavy).

NOTE: Some 'bots have, in place of Arms or Legs, different
appendages that they attack with such as blades,
flames, or chains, and therefore do not have Punches 
and Kicks, but say, Punches & Flames or Blades &

- To perform a standing Light Attack, press straight
towards your opponent and an Attack button. To
perform a standing Medium Attack, just press an
Attack button without pressing in any direction. To
perform a standing Heavy Attack, press straight Away
from your opponent and an Attack button.

- To perform a crouching Light Attack, press
diagonally Down & Towards your opponent and an
Attack button. To perform a crouching Medium Attack,
press straight Down and an Attack button. To perform
a crouching Heavy Attack, press diagonally Down &
Away from your opponent and an Attack button. The
crouching Heavy Kick is most commonly referred to as

a "Sweep".

- To perform an Air Attack, first Jump and then press
an Attack button while your 'bot is in the air.

- To perform a Throw or Grab, get close beside your
opponent and press Towards your opponent and Punch
at the same time. This results in various powerful
attacks that vary depending on the particular 'bot
you are using.

# To jump much higher than you normally would by
pressing Up in any direction, press Down just before you
jump. This makes for a jump that is about twice as high
and twice as long as a standard jump.

# You can Block all of your opponents attacks, with the
exceptions of Low Kicks, Throws, & the Nova's Earthquake
Smash, by pressing and holding Away from your opponent.
To block Low Kicks, press diagonally Down & Away from
your opponent. Note that when you are blocking low, you
cannot block air attacks. Throws can only be avoided by
keeping your opponent away using different attacks or by
throwing him first. The Nova's Earthquake Smash can only
be avoided by being in the air at the time the Nova
performs it.

# A number of successively landed hits can make your opponent
dizzy, making them unable to defend themselves for a
brief period of time. You can tell how close you or your
opponent is to becoming dizzy by watching the Stun Bar,
directly beneath your or your opponent's life bar. The
Stun Bar is lowered every time you or your opponent
successfully lands an attack. The Stun Bar slowly
recharges when you are not performing any attacks. Be
careful of attacking when your Stun Bar is low as it
will not recharge, making it easier for your opponent to 
get you dizzy.

# Special moves are combinations of joystick or key
movements coupled with attack buttons to make your 'bot
do more powerful attacks such as projectiles or long
range Attacks. Look under Section (3), 'bot
Descriptions for a listing of each 'bot's special moves.

# Some 'bots have "Shadow" versions of their Special Moves.
These moves differ from the simpler versions of the moves
in that they are usually invulnerable to projectiles,
faster, and more damaging. But, they are also usually more
difficult to perform and usually have longer recovery times
which leave your 'bot more open to attacks from your

# Every 'bot has a Scrap & Destruction Move.

- Scrap Moves are performed immediately after you
defeat your opponent in the final round. Wait for
your opponent to fall down after the final blow of
the match and then keep performing your 'bot's
particular Scrap move, over and over if need be, until
you see results.

- Destruction Moves are performed during or
immediately following a scrap move, as is specified
for each 'bot in Section (3), 'bot Descriptions.

# A "Combination" is a series of Attacks which cannot be
blocked once the first hit is made. For example, jumping
at your opponent and hitting them with a basic air attack
(Kick or Punch) and then immediately following that
Attack with a Sweep would be a Two-Hit Combo. (That simple
combo works with all 'bots under all Characters) Also,
bonus points are awarded to your score everytime your
successfully perform a combo. For a list of effective
combos for each robot check Section (3), 'bot Descriptions.

# For best results, I highly recommend using a Gravis, or
other brand, Gamepad, as it's nearly impossible to do
most of the moves consistently on a standard Analog
joystick, and rather confusing to use the keyboard.

(1.4) Understanding Special Move Sequences
----------------------------- -------------

In order to properly understand the move descriptions in Section 
(3), refer to these legends.

(1.4)(A) Direction & Attack Buttons Legend
-------------------------------- ----------

Your Joystick (preferrably a Gamepad)


.--------. UB U UF .---------------.
| You're |  | / | Your opponent |
| here | B-- P-K --F | here |
`--------' / |  `---------------'

UB = Diagonally Up & Back
U = Straight Up
UF = Diagonally Up & Forward
B = Straight Back
F = Straight Forward
DB = Diagonally Down & Back
D = Straight Down
DF = Diagonally Down & Forward

Forward means toward your opponent;
Back means away from your opponent

Attack Buttons
P = The Punch button on your Joystick or Keyboard
K = The Kick button on your Joystick or Keyboard

(1.4)(B) Special Moves Punctuation Legend
-------------------------------- ---------

Move description punctuation in Section (3) should be understood
as follows:

- = Signifies moving succintly from one position
on the stick or keyboard to the next.


would mean to start in the straight Away
from your opponent position and smoothly roll
downward & then to the straight Toward your
opponent position. 

+ = Used when a direction and attack button must
be pressed at the same time.


would mean to press Straight Down & Kick
at the same time. The best way to do this is
not to try and press the direction and the
button at the EXACT same time, but instead
to first press the direction listed, hold
it, then press the button, and release
(unless otherwise specified). This works
best if you do it in one quick motion
that shouldn't take up more than 1/2 a

, = Press and release the Direction or Attack
button preceding the comma.


would be interpreted as pressing & releasing
Straight Down, and then immediately pressing
Forward and Punch. Incidentally, this is the
Scrap Move for the Electra, Shredder, and

An example of a move using all three forms of the above
punctuation is the Shadow's Scrap Move:


which should be interpreted as pressing Back, going
straight to Forward, then rolling Upward then Back
in one succinct motion and pressing Punch once you
have rolled to the straight Back position.

Additionally, any move preceded by (jump) means
that the move must be performed while in the air,
and any move followed by (rep) means to repeat
the combination until results occur. (turn) means
just that--turn around. And (grab) means to get
right beside your opponent and press Towards them &
Punch at the same time. (land) means that you should
be on the ground before continuing the move. Lastly,
a combination followed by (hold) means to hold the
last Direction and/or Attack button pressed until
results occur.

(1.5) Shareware Differences

If you're playing the shareware version of OMF(Version 1.0, not
2.0), then refer to the list below for minor changes in the Scraps
and Destructions for these 'bots:

Jaguar Scrap = D,D,D,U,U+P
Destruct = U,D+K

Thorn Scrap = B,B,F,F+P
Destruct = D,U+P

The Pyros' and Shadow's Scraps are the same as listed in
Section (3), but I can't seem to get their Destructions to work.
I'll update this information as soon as it's received. Also note
that this information is only confirmed in the 1.0 shareware version
of OMF. I haven't tried the 1.1 or 2.0 versions, so I cannot vouch
for this to be true in their case.

(1.6) The 2.0 Modem/Network Upgrade
------------------------------- ----

Yes, Epic has finally released the long anticipated, long
overdue Modem/Network Upgrade for OMF. You can find the file off
the I'net and most large BBS's under the filename "OMFUP20.ZIP".
On the Internet, you can get the file at: /omf

Or, feel free to call my BBS, The Pond - (615) 536-5072, and
download the file on your first call free. Go to the Files menu
after logging on and filling out the information and download the
file "OMFUP20.ZIP". You can also download the latest version of
this FAQ under the filename "MOMFAQXX.ZIP", where XX is the
version number.(i.e. 10 = 1.0)

Aside from adding the option to play other OMF'ers over a
modem, network, or serial link, and the ability to record,
playback, and save your matches, the 2.0 patch also supposedly
fixes a variety of bugs and adds a couple of new secrets into the
game as well. However, despite the laborious(and somewhat elongated)
beta test stage, many users have been complaining of faulty and/or
slow gameplay. Having yet to thoroughly encounter any of these
problems myself, I don't have much advice as of now. However, below
is a list of hints that have been in the IPCGaming echo on FidoNet
to make the game run faster/more reliably over the modem.

- If you have problems with slow gameplay when playing
between two computers of differing speeds, try having
the slower machine call the faster one.

- If you can't seem to get a proper connection through
the built-in dialer, try connecting through your term
program, exiting that program without hanging up your
modem, and choosing "Begin! Already Connected" from the
Modem/Network menu.

- Consult your modem's manual and find the init string
recommended for no compression.

- Do a "clean boot" before you start the game.(If you have
DOS 6.0 or later, press F5 while it says "Starting
MS-DOS..."; otherwise, make a bootdisk without an

That's all the tips that I've heard up to this point, but more
will be added as I've used the patch more for myself. If you have
any tips on how to make things run a little more smoothly, please
contact me as is described in Section (4.4). All information is
appreciated, and credit will be given for all information used
in this FAQ. Thanx in advance...

* (1.7) Recording/Playing Back Matches 
As mentioned above in Section (1.6), the 2.0 upgrade of OMF
added the ability to record and playback matches. This is really
useful when you want to savor a particularly successful session
against a friend over & over again, or to prove that, yes, you
really CAN do that 17-hit combo with the Shredder. Unfortunately,
Epic overlooked including how to utilize this function in the tiny
section of the HELPME.DOC file devoted to the 2.0 enhancements. But,
thanx to faithful contributors, it's where everything that you need
to know about OMF generally ends up: here.

You can record matches one of three ways. First, you can run
OMF by typing "OMF REC" to start the game. This will only save the
last match which ran on your computer, be it One Player, Two Player,
Tournament, or a demo, under the filename "LAST.REC". If you prefer,
you can specify a filename under which you wish to record the last
fight by typing "OMF REC yourfile.REC" where "yourfile" is the name
you wish to call the file. If you would rather record ALL of your
fights in a session, you can type "OMF REC SAVE_REC". This will save
all fights in a given session under the filenames "OMF00001.REC",
"OMF00002.REC", etc..

You can playback your fights one of two ways. You can type
"OMF PLAY" at the command line, and it will play the existing
"LAST.REC" file if one exists. If you wish to play a specific file,
type "OMF PLAY yourfile.REC", where "yourfile" is the name of the
file you wish to load.

Now that the option of recording fights is available, feel free
to upload examples of your skill in action to The Pond BBS,
(615) 536-5072, so I can see that you weren't really just pulling
my flail about a 13-hit combo with the Jaguar. It won't take but
less than a minute, and wouldn't it feel nice to be believed for
once? In the OMF area, you can find several examples of the combos
and strategies that I detail in this FAQ for you to download and
see for yourself if you won't take my word for it. :)

* (1.8) Understanding Rehit Mode

 Rehit Mode is an option within the Hidden Advanced Option menu
See Section 2.2) which, when activated, makes for a completely
different gaming experience. What it does, basically, is admit that
just because you've knocked your opponent into the air doesn't mean
that they're magically protected from all harm until they stand up
and come at you again. It allows you the option of continuing to
bash your opponent before they hit the, keeping them airborn with
hits. This is referred to as "juggling". However, as it would be all
too simple to merely keep hitting your opponent over & over with the
same light punch till all their energy was drained, the programmers
added this limitation: Once you've knocked the other 'bot into the
air, you can only hit them once with each of your Attacks. In other
words, say you're using the Shredder and do a Head-Butt on your
opponent, and quickly do a Standing Heavy Punch. These will connect.
However, if you try to do ANOTHER Heavy Punch before they fall to
the ground, it will pass through them without doing any damage.
But you could, if you wanted, still do any other attack which you
hadn't done to your opponent since they became airborn.(Including a
Head-Butt, since that was the move that only KNOCKED them into the
air--you hadn't hit them with one of those since they left the

Keep this in mind when making up your own combinations for each
'bot. For an example of how to use this to it's maximum potential,
look under Section (3.7) at the Shredder's 18-hit combo. Effective
use of your attacks in Rehit mode is a requisite to becoming a much
more formidable adversary.(Like this is a really SERIOUS thing,
right? Pardon me while I go pour cold water down my back.)

(2) Known Secrets & Hidden/Unranked Challengers
--------------------------- --------------------

OMF is just loaded with tons of Hidden Characters for you to
stumble across, as well as several other hard to discover surprises.
Here's a list of everything I've found and been informed of up to
this point.

(2.1) The Hidden Difficulty Levels
-------------------------------- --

To get to the not-so-secret-by-now difficulty level, "Deadly",
go into the Gameplay menu accessed from the Main menu. Go down to
the "CPU:" selection, and keep pressing right after it says Champion
(about 10-15 times) until it turns to "Deadly". This is a level that
you have to totally rely on taking advantage of AI bugs to win,
because the computer almost always blocks all standard attacks and
projectiles. The computer will also occasionally do a Scrap or
Destruction after defeating you. Note that this skill level only
affects One Player Mode and Demo Mode, where the computer 'bots
fight each other with the same skill that they use against you in
One Player Mode, and sometimes do Scraps & Destructions on one

And, if you want the ultimate challenge, why not use the
"Ultimate" skill level? Yes, you know you're bad and can beat the
game every time you play it with the CPU level on "Deadly", but
you've never faced a challenge unless you've played the game on the
SECOND hidden skill level, "Ultimate". To activate "Ultimate", go
into the Gameplay Menu, change the present CPU level to "Deadly",
as described above, and press the keys O-M-F on your keyboard
simultaneously(in any order just so long as you press all three
keys at the same time). Release them, and then press Right on your
joystick or the Right cursor key to change the skill level to
"Ultimate". I won't describe how hard it is to win at this level;
let's just leave it at "Good Luck".

(2.2) The Hidden Advanced Options Menu
---------------------------------- ----

There is a hidden option within the game which lets you control
aspects of gameplay such as how high the players jump and how much
energy each player has in One & Two Player modes, special features
like rehitting and block damage, and several others. To bring up the
menu, hold down the 2-0-9-7 keys on the keyboard simultaneously
while at the Main Menu. Release them, and go into the Gameplay menu.
You'll see a new option accessible called "Advanced Options". Select
it, and you'll have control over the aforementioned options as well
as a few others that I'll let you discover & figure out for
yourself. Be aware that once you've played the game with Rehit mode
turned on, you'll probably never turn it off again.

(2.3) Unranked Challengers - Tournament
---------------------------- -----------

There are numerous hidden Unranked Challengers to be found in
the Tournament Mode. To get to many of the hidden characters, you
need to have chosen one of the two highest difficulty levels when
you made your character. Some are only accessible at the highest
difficulty level. Also, you must usually either perform very well
in your previous fight (take little damage), perform a Scrap &
Destruction, or both. The following is a list of the Characters I
have been able to find and how I got to them. 

Once again, if you don't seem to be able to get to a
particular challenger, make sure that the difficulty level is high
enough; if you still can't get to them, try to take little damage
and execute a destruction every time, as some UCs require this
before they'll challenge you.

In the list below, note that a "$" before the UCs name means
that I've received an enhancement from that character after doing
a Destruction on them. Also, whether or not you get an enhancement
from these seems to be dependent on the skill level you chose.

North American

Unranked Challenger 'bot How to Get to...
------------------- ---- ----------------
Christian Jaguar Do a Destruction on Crystal
$ Steel Claw Flail Defeat #6 or higher with a
$ Jazzy Jaguar Beat #2, taking little damage
$ Iceman Shadow Beat #1, taking little damage &
doing a Destruction

Katushai Challenge 

Unranked Challenger 'bot How to get to...
------------------- ---- ----------------
Angel Gargoyle Defeat #6 or higher
$ Selenna Katana Defeat #2 with a Destruction
$ Devan Shell Flail Defeat #1 taking little damage
& doing a Destruction

War Invitational

Unran ked Challenger 'bot How to get to...
------------------- ---- ----------------
Eva Earlong Shadow Defeat #6 or higher taking
little damage
$ Killian Electra Defeat #2 doing a Destruction
$ Bethany Shredder Defeat #1 taking little damage
and doing a Destruction

World Championship

Unr anked Challenger 'bot How to get to...
------------------- ---- ----------------
Eva Earlong Gargoyle Defeat #14 with Destruction
$ Jazzy Shredder Defeat Eva Earlong with
Angel Electra Defeat #10 with Destruction
$ Devan Shell Thorn Defeat #8 taking little damage
and with Destruction.
$ Iceman Katana Defeat Selenna with Destruction
$ Bethany Nova Defeat #2 taking little damage
and with Destruction
Nicoli Nova Defeat #1

(2.4) Tournament Mode Enhancements
-------------------------- --------

You can pick up enhancements in Tournament play which will
give your 'bot extra powers, such as multiple projectiles or the
ability to perform special moves in mid-air. Enhancements are
attained only when you have your character's difficulty level at at
least STEEL(I've never gotten an enhancement at a level lower than
that) in Tournament Play. I have only gotten enhancements after
performing destructions on my opponents. You most often get an
enhancement after fighting an Unranked Challenger, but I have gotten
them after defeating #1 ranked in both the Katushai Challenge and
World Championship. You'll know if you've received an Enhancement
by reading what your Engineer says when he greets you. If he says
something about finding a gizmo in the Arena while they were
cleaning up, then you've got an enhancement. But enhancements
usually won't do any good unless you know you have them, so always
be sure to at least glance at the Engineer's comment. For a listing
of known enhancements for each 'bot and how to perform them, check
Section (3), 'bot Descriptions.

(2.5) Fire in the Hole, Ice in the Basement
------------------------------ -------------

In One Player Mode, all the 'bots(I believe) have a special
combination used to get to the secret character "Fire" after
performing a Scrap & Destruction in the Fire Arena. The only
requirement for being able to get to Fire is that you have the CPU
difficulty level on a minimum of "Champion". Known combinations for
some 'bots are listed in the 'bot Descriptions, Section (3).
Fire is a Katana with the ability to perform a 5-hit Rising
Blade move and has a Fire projectile that does enormous damage. He
has extremely high strength & stamina, and relatively high agility.
All his hits take off about double the average character's hit. He
doesn't, however, seem to be well adept at blocking Sweeps. Defeat
him in Champion mode, and you'll get 1,000,000 points for a perfect
round(if you can), 1,000,000 for full stamina(automatic perfect
round), and 1,000,000 for his Destruction. In Deadly mode, count
that a cool 1,500,000 points each. While playing with the CPU on
Ultimate, you get a huge 2,000,000 points each.

All psyched up and ready to take on Fire? Well, on the slim
chance that you manage to defeat Fire with the difficulty set on
Ultimate, you can ALSO get to a second hidden character named Ice.
To get to him(or her--it COULD be a girl), beat Fire with the
difficulty level set to Ultimate, as is described in Section (2.1),
& perform a Destruction on him. Then perform the same sequence that
you used to get to Fire. If you do it correctly, you will then be
taken to the lair of the secret character, Ice. Ice is an incredibly
fast, powerful, and smart Shadow that blocks almost everything that
you can throw at it. All his(her) Special Shadow Moves go lightning
quick and are unstoppable. He also has a Freeze Blast that will
freeze you for a short time, as well as do some damage to you in the
process.(You might want to remember that to avoid the Freeze Blast,
you either have to jump or block low) Put quite frankly, it takes a
heck of a lot of effort to beat this guy(gal), so the programmers
were at least gracious enough to give you 20,000,000 points for full
health, as well as for a Perfect Round(Yeah Right...) and Ice's
Destruction, adding up to the Potential of 60,000,000+ points for a
single round. Sound like fun? Go ahead, then. Have fun... losing.

(2.6) Odds'n'Ends Secrets

- To change the colors of your 'bot in either One or Two Player
modes, first select the character that you wish to use. While
you're choosing your 'bot, press the 1, 2, & 3 keys on your
keyboard to select the colors for Player One and the 4, 5, &
6 keys for Player Two. Don't know how secret that is, but I
thought it worth mentioning anyway.

- To replay the animations shown when you win a tournament in
Tournament Mode, press the "E" key on your keyboard from the
Tournament Mode menu. Remember, you have to have WON a
tournament previous to this, and must not be in a tournament
at the time. This is a good way to see the winning animations
for all the 'bots, as it will still show the ending if you
buy a different 'bot. So, if you can't beat the World
Championship tournament with that #%$@& Chronos, then win
with your favorite 'bot, buy a Chronos if he's available, and
press the "E" key. Now you get to watch the pretty little
grafix animations for ALL those 'bots you're lame with.

- To make all the nuts and bolts that you and your opponent
knock out of each other continually rain down on you during
your match without disappearing, hold down the R-E-I-N keys 
on your keyboard simultaneously at any time while in the
game, even during a fight. This feature is more or less
useless, and in a long fight slows down the grafix on even a
high-end 486 drastically, but it's there, nonetheless, for
you to try at least once to quench your insatiable curiosity.
And I'm not sure, but this seems to no longer work as of the
2.0 upgrade of OMF.

- To increase the amount of metal and bolts that fly from each
'bot during a battle, hold down the B-I-G keys along with a
number between 1 and 9 simultaneously at any time in the
game(including during a fight). 1 represents the normal
amount of scrap knocked from a 'bot during a fight, whereas
9 is the maximum amount of scrap you can knock from an
opponent. To get the scrap level back to normal once you've
changed it, just press the B-I-G-1 keys simultaneously. Note
that on some computers(namely MY 486DX2/66), this option for
some reason won't work, as every time I try it, I only hear
my PC speaker chirping in the background. This may be 
attributable to my particular setup, because the code works
fine on my brother's 486DX2-50, but I'm not sure.

- You can access a Sound Test option available within the
Configuration menu by pressing ALT+S+F simultaneously from
the main menu, and then going into the Configuration menu.
This provides you with a way to listen to all the games
sound effects individually. Why you'd want to, I don't know;
but it's there, nonetheless.

(2.7) At Wit's End?

If worse comes to worse, try out the OMF Edit program, by
Legend. No, it's not a source code hack program--it simply edits
your saved Tournament characters to give them full power on
everything, along with over $672,000,000k to spend. Look for it
under the filename "OMFEDT.ZIP" or "OMFED10.ZIP" on your local BBS
or on the Internet at: /omf

It works with either the Shareware or Registered version, but
the version I have will not modify a character using any other 'bots
than those contained in the Shareware version. However, once you
have the $672,000,000k, you can buy any 'bot you want, as well as
modify it to full strength, endurance, and speed many times over.

(2.8) Built-in Pilot Attribute Editor
-------------------------------- -----

If you have version 2.0 of OMF, registered or shareware, you
try this nifty little trick to configure the attributes of the 8
pre-set characters in One Player, Two Player, or Modem Play modes
to your own particular preferences. To access this option, do as

While choosing your pilot, move to Crystal(or you can obviously
start from there), and then from there, go five spaces to the
left to bring you back to Crystal once again. Then, move down one
space to Jean Paul. From there, move five spaces to the right,
bringing you back to Jean Paul. From here, go to the character 
you wish to use and press & hold down the Kick button. While
holding the Kick button, press in the four principal directions
(up, down, left, right) on your gamepad or keyboard to modify
their attributes as desired.

Note that you cannot ADD energy to any of the three
attributes, but only "swap out", taking energy from the other two
as you increase one. This is pretty much only useful if you ever
wanted to use Shirro or Ibraham and have them be as fast and weak
as Milano. Not very useful, but I thought you'd want to know.

Once again, note that this ONLY works in version 2.0(and
possibly later versions) of OMF.

(2.9) Using the Nova in One/Two/Modem Player Modes
--------------------------------- -----------------

If you have version 2.0(or possibly higher versions), there
is a way for you to access the Nova in all the aforementioned 
modes. To do so, do the following sequence EXACTLY as listed
when at the 'bot selection screen in One Player, Two Player, or
Modem Play modes:

Move the cursor to the Thorn. From here, move Right 2, Down 1,
Left 3, Up 1, Right 1, Left 2, Down 1, Up 1, Down 1. This should
land you on the Katana. Now press down at LEAST 10 times.(It
doesn't hurt to press more than this, but this is the minimum
that's required) Now, move to the Flail and press Punch or Kick.
(Note that you don't have to go STRAIGHT to the Flail--it won't
hurt if you move to several other 'bot's first) Tada! You're the
proud pilot of a mighty Nova.

You can pretty much use most of the same strategies listed in
Section (3.B) when using the Nova in One Player mode. These prove
more than effective enough at obliterating the computers attempts
to overcome those incredible skills of yours. Smash things. Make
stuff explode. Have fun.

Again, remember that this will NOT work on versions 1.0 or
1.1 of OMF, and only works with the registered version.

(2.A) Questions -I- Need Answered
------------------------------ ---

At present, I'm pretty sure the following things are possible,
but have yet to learn how to do them. Please contact me through one
of the ways detailed in Section (4.4) with information regarding
any of these listed items if you possess it. It would be greatly
appreciated, and credit will be given to those who contribute in
the next release of the FAQ.

- How to get the Enhancement in Tournament mode which
gives the Katana the fire projectile used by the secret
character "Fire" in One Player mode, short of using a 
hex-editor or cheater.

- How to access a hidden Difficulty Level in Tournament
mode, if it exists.(rumor I heard spread around)

- How(if possible) to get to Fire & Ice using the Nova in
One Player mode.

- How to gain over 20% non-taxable quarterly interest in
an annuity bond, or slip profit gained on an
investment over a 6 month period past governmental
detection and taxation. ;)

- I also need all the good 3+ hit combos that you have,
strategies to use against the computer, and, especially,
strategies to use against human opponents to add to the
next release.

Thanx in advance...

(3) 'bot Descriptions, Moves, & Other Swell Stuff
--------------------------------- ----------------

The following list is a compilation of Descriptions, Special
Moves, Scrap & Destruction Moves, Combos, Known Secrets, &
Miscellaneous Notes for each 'bot. If you want to print out a list
of all the 'bots moves, but don't want to have to print all the
extra stuff, print the "OMFMOVES.LST" file that came with the
"MOMFAQXX.ZIP" file.(where XX is the version number)

Also, note that most of the combos listed in the "Combos" list
for each 'bot are done with Rehit mode turned on. For information
on how to turn this on, see Section (2.2).

---------------------------- ---------------------------------------- --

(3.1) Jaguar


Fast & fairly powerful, the Jaguar's a good basic choice for most
players to learn on. All its Special Moves are very basic and easy
to execute, and it's Scrap & Destruction are best to use for
learning how the timing of most Scraps & Destructions work. It 
does, however, have slow recovery time from its Sweep and Uppercut,
leaving it open to quick attacks by the enemy. A very all-around,
but not specialized when unmodified, 'bot that's great to learn
the mechanics of the game with. However, if you have a fully-rigged
Jaguar with both Enhancements in Tournament mode, this rig rocks!
When playing with Rehit mode turned on, the Jaguar is my personal
preference to beat the living cyber-shnot out of my opponents with.
With a souped up Jag, you can take off nearly a third of your
opponents energy with a single combo. However, should you be a
little slow in the finger movement category, don't expect to reap
too many benefits here. But seeing your friend gawk as you
completely destroy their pride'n'joy in a matter of seconds makes
it well worth your while to take a course in "Reflex Enhancement".

Special Moves:

Jaguar Leap = D-DF-F+P
Shadow Jaguar Leap = B-DB-D-DF-F+P 
Concussion Cannon = D-DB-B+P
Overhead Throw = (jump), D+P - when near opponent

Scrap Move = D,D,U+P
Destruction Move = D,U+K
Timing: Time it so that you
press U+K right after the Jaguar
lifts your opponent overhead.

How to get to Fire & Ice = U,D+K
Timing: Do it right after the Jag
throws your opponent through the

Hyper Mode Enhancements:

Directable Concussion Blast - Lets you direct the Blast after
you shoot it by pressing in any
Combination: Same as normal CB

Mid-Air Jaguar Leap - Lets you perform a Jaguar Leap 
while jumping.
Combination: (jump),D-DF-F+P

Tournament Enhancements:

First Enhancement:
This Enhancement's a doozy.. It gives you all of the following:

Double Concussion Blast - Lets you shoot two Blasts at
once. It needs to be noted that
when up close to your opponent,
this will shoot THREE blasts,
instead of the normal two,
amounting to extra damage.
Combination: Same as normal CB

Mid-Air Jaguar Leap - Lets you do the Jaguar Leap in
mid-air, even if Hyper Mode is
Combination: (jump),D-DF-F+P

Double Jaguar Leap - Lets you do two consecutive
Jaguar Leaps, one right after the
other. To do it, do a regular
Jaguar Leap, then perform another
one before your Jaguar starts to
fall out of the leap. This works
great for extra damage to your
opponent when rehit mode is
turned on.

Shadow Jaguar Leap - This lets you do a kick coming
"Safety" Kick out of a SJL, which means that
you won't be vulnerable to any
quick attacks from your opponent
if you miss with the SJL. To do
the "safety" kick, perform a SJL
and press the Kick button anytime
during the SJL before you start
to fall out of it. This one works
great with rehit mode turned on
as well, since the more damage
you can fit into a combo, the
happier your 'bot'll be.

Second Enhancement:
I played through all four tournaments with the Jaguar, and while
the first enhancement could be obtained from many different Unranked
Challengers, the only place I could ever find the second enhancement
was from Bethany in the World Championship. It's worth it, though,
as you'll see from the following two nifty Enhancements.

Triple Concussion Blast - Shoots three Blasts at a time.
Just like the DCB, if you're
right next to an opponent when
you do this move, the number of
shots fired will be FOUR,
instead of the normal THREE.
Combination: Same as normal CB

Mid-Air Jaguar Leap - Lets you perform an overhead 
"Safety" Throw throw when coming out of a MAJL.
This is really most useful with
Rehit mode turned on as an
offensive move, but is also
effective as a defensive move so
you're not as vulnerable when
coming out of a MAJL.
Combination: Press D+P at any
time while doing a MAJL previous
to the apex(the point at which
you start to fall downward).

Effective Combos:

- My Best Combo, 8-hit Tournament -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Both Enh
Combination: (jump)+K,(land),D-DB-B+P,D-DF-F+P,D-DF-F +P,D+P
Description: Attack with a Jump Kick, do a 4-hit Concussion Blast,
continue with Double Jaguar Leaps, and finish with Safety Overhead
Difficulty(1-10): 6

- One/Two Player Killer 3-hit - 
Modes: One/Two Player Req'd: Fast Pilot
Combination: (grab),(turn),F+P,D-DF-F+P
Description: Do the Jag's grab, turn around and juggle opponent
with a light Standing punch, finish with a Jaguar Leap.
Difficulty(1-10): 3

- Awesome Damage 5-hit -
Modes: Tournament,Modem Req'd: Both Enh, Fast Pilot
Combination: (grab),(turn),F+P,D-DF-F+P,D-DF-F+P,D+P
Description: Same as the above combo, but using the Enhancements
for an extra Jaguar Leap followed by the Safety Overhead Throw.
Difficulty(1-10): 4 

- Quick-Dizzy 7 or 8-hit -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: First or Both Enh
Combination: (jump)+K,(land),D-DB-B+P,B-DB-D-DF-F+P,K 
Description: Attack with a Jump Kick, follow with a Concussion
Blast. Continue with a Shadow Jaguar leap, and end with an SJL
Safety Kick. Great for dizzying your opponents.
Difficulty(1-10): 4

Computer Cheats:

- The computer almost never blocks the Double or Triple
Concussion Blast when you do it immediately after a Jump

- The computer is also a sucker for the Jaguar Overhead Throw.
Just jump at your opponent, and wait till the last second
before doing the throw. This works best against the Flail &

Human/Human sTrAgEdIeS:

- The Shadow Jaguar Leap is great to use against Human
opponents in Tournament mode if you have at least one
Enhancement. Use it to attack from long range by pressing
Kick about mid-way through the SJL. This often as not will
catch your opponent off-guard the first couple of times,
and not much after as they'll be ready for it. Use it

- Be sure to utilize the Jaguar's uppercut for thwarting
Jump Attacks from your enemy. When timed right, it can
almost always knock away most basic Jump Attacks without
costing you any damage.

- A good way to "tick" your opponent is to continually do
the Shadow Jaguar Leap-Safety Kick move over and over.
Remember, this requires at least the first Enhancement, so
it will only work in Tournament or Modem modes.

------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- 

(3.2) Shadow


 Quick & fairly powerful, the Shadow is one of the easiest 'bots in
the game to win with. Using a combination of AI flaws & quick
moves, you can easily beat the computer on the hardest difficulty
level almost every time. The computer cannot(in my version) hardly
ever avoid the Shadow Grab once it's thrown, with the notable
exception of the Electra on the higher difficulty levels. The best
strategy to catch the computer with the Shadow Grab is to make
distance between you and your computer opponent, and then throw the
Shadow Grab. Also, performing a Shadow Dive while jumping away from
a computer opponent connects most of the time, even on the highest
difficulty settings. However, the Shadow Punch and Shadow Kick are
virtually useless against the game's AI--unless you find yourself
cornered by a computer opponent. Due to another AI flaw, when you
are cornered, about 95% of the time you can perform a Shadow Kick
with the computer at close range and it will not be blocked.
(provided you are using a mid-to-fast speed character) The Shadow
is definitely the 'bot to use to find most of the games secrets, as
a skilled player can almost always get a perfect, or at least near
to perfect, round with it.

Special Moves:

Shadow Punch = D-DB-B+P
Shadow Slide = D-DB-B+K
Shadow Dive = (jump),D-DF-F+P
Shadow Grab = D,D+P

Scrap Move = B,F-UF-U-UB-B+P
Destruction Move = D,D,D+P
Timing: Do it quickly right after
the sixth hit of the Scrap. If
you have problems getting it to
work, keep hitting D+P right
after the fifth hit of the Scrap.

How to get to Fire & Ice = D,D,D+P
Timing: Do it right after the
giant Shadow destroys your
opponent. If you can't get it to
work, try pressing D+P over &
over after the big Shadow smashes
your opponent.

Hyper Mode Enhancements:

None known.

Tournament Enhancements:

First Enhancement:
Air Shadow Grab - Lets you throw the Shadow Grab
in Mid-Air. 
Combination: (jump),D-DB-B+P

Second Enhancement:
Super Shadow Punch & Kick - Faster, More Powerful versions of
the Shadow Punch & Kick.
Combination: Same as normal SP/SK

Freeze Blast - A projectile weapon that freezes
NOTE: You can only get your opponent doing some damage in
the Freeze Blast if you the process, and holds them for a
get your second enhance- few seconds, giving you the
ment from Iceman in the opportunity to do more damage. 
North American. Combination: F-DF-D-DB-B+P

Effective Combos:

- My Best Combo, Unlimited-Hit Instant Death -
Modes: One,Two,Modem,Tournament Req'd: Rehit, Dizzy, Fast Pilot
Combination: D-DB-B+K,(rep)
Description: Note that this only works against the Pyros, Katana,
Flail, & Gargoyle. To get it to work, get your opponent dizzy & in a
corner. Launch repeated Shadow Slides. They will continue to hit
your opponent as long as they are timed correctly. It is easiest to
do against the Katana, as it falls at a rate about equivalent to as
fast as you can do the Shadow Slides.
Difficulty(1-10): 8

- Powerful Ground Based 5-hit -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+K,DB+P,DB+P,DB+P,DB+K
Descriptio n: Jump at your opponent with a Jump Kick, follow with
three Croucing Heavy Punches, and finish with a Sweep. Great for
performing when your opponent is almost dizzy. Since it's ground
based, whether they're about to be dizzy or not they won't fall
until you finish the combo.
Difficulty(1-10): 1

- Dizzying 4-hit -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit, Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+K,B+K,B+K,D-DB-B+K
Description: Jump at your opponent with a Jump Kick, follow with two
Standing Heavy Kicks, and finish with a Shadow Slide. This takes off
substantial amounts from your opponent's stun bar.
Difficulty(1-10): 4

Computer Cheats:

- When playing with the Shadow in One/Two/Modem Player or 
Tournament modes, there is a bug in the game that will let
the Shadow win infallibly every time provided you can get
your opponent dizzy once. Once they're dizzy, throw a Shadow
Grab. Notice sparks CONTINUE to fly from the 'bot being held.
Jump in and do any ground-based combo you like. When your
opponent gets up again, he will still be dizzy. Keep
repeating the process until the match is over. Kind of lame,
but when you're hard up for a win, feel free to try it. Note
that this only works if you've upgraded your OMF to 2.0.

- If you're ever backed into a corner by the computer, this
works almost always without fail. Wait until they're at
about sweep range, and then do a Shadow Slide. They almost
never block this, and it backs them off, giving you some
breathing room.

- In the 2.0 upgrade, they made it much harder to catch the
computer with the Shadow Grab. However, it can still be done
quite often by first launching a Shadow Grab, and then
quickly launch a Shadow Punch. This will sometimes knock your
opponent into the Shadow Grab, adding up for more bonus

- The computer is also quite stupid in regards to the Shadow
Dive. About 50% of the time, you can hit the computer with it
by jumping away and quickly doing one before you reach your
jump's apex.

Human/Human sTrAgEdIeS:

- The easiest way to beat your organic opponents is to keep
them off balance using the Shadow's Shadow Dive & Shadow Air
Grab(only available with 1st Enh.) as often as possible. Your
best shot at catching a skilled friend with a Shadow Grab is
to wait for them to jump at you & THEN throw it, jumping away
to avoid their incoming attack. The Shadow dive is best put
to use when jumping away from an opponent. This gives you
space from your opponent even if it doesn't connect.

- Due to the fact that your friends will be looking for the
Shadow to "phase" out and launch another Punch or Slide,
it's best to use these only when it can safely be done.
When an opponent jumps at you, a late Shadow Punch works
surprisingly well. When cornered, a Shadow Slide is good for
getting enemies farther away, whether it hits or not. Just
remember that the most important thing when using the Shadow
is not to become predictable. If you adhere to any pattern
long enough, you'll lose in the long run. 

------------------------------------ ----------------------------------

(3 .3) Thorn


St out would best describe the Thorn's fighting prowess. Able to
take ungodly amounts of damage without flinching, having some
of the most damaging moves in the game, and yet painfully slow,
the Thorn is definitely to OMF what Zangief is to the Street
Fighter II series, to give you an idea. However, despite his lack
of speed, the damage the Thorn causes with every attack
(particularly his Speed Kick) & extremely tough armor more than
make up for one or two extra hits your opponent may land. That,
and a couple of AI flaws in One Player & Tournament Mode, make the
Thorn quite easy to win the game with on any difficulty level.

Special Moves:

Speed Kick = D-DF-F+K
Shadow Speed Kick = B-DB-D-DF-F+K
Spike Charge = F,F+P
Off-the-Wall Attack = (jump against wall),DF+K

Scrap Move = B,B,F+P
Destruction Move = U,D+P
Timing: Do it right after your
opponent has been "spiked".

How to Get to Fire & Ice = U,U,D+P
Timing: Do the combination right
after your opponent goes through
the floor. If you have problems,
do the move over & over as soon
as you've done the Destruction

Hyper Mode Enhancements:

Mid-Air Speed Kick - Lets you do a Speed Kick while
in the air.
Combination: (jump),D-DF-F+K

Tournament Enhancements:

First Enhancement:
Super Fast Spike Charge - Spike Charge is incredibly fast.
Combination: Same as normal SC

Mid-Air Speed Kick - Lets you do a Speed Kick in mid-
air without Hyper Mode on.
Combination: (jump),D-DF-F+K

Second Enhancement:
After playing through all Tournaments using the Thorn, the only
place I ended up being able to get the Thorn's Second Enhancment
was from Devan Shell in the World Championship.

Mid-Air Off-the-Wall Attack - Lets you do the Thorn's Off-the
Wall Attack from anywhere in the
* Double Speed Kick - Lets you do two Speed Kicks, one
after the other. To do it, just
do a normal SK, then do another
one before the Thorn starts to

Effective Combos:

- My Best Combo, Ultimate Destruction 5-hit -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit, Both Enh, Fast Pilot, Dizzy
Combination: (jump),D-DF-F+K,(land),DB+P,D+P-DF-F+K,D -DF-F+K
Description: Do a Mid-Air Speed-Kick, placing it so that you land
right in front of where your opponent was standing. as soon as you
land, do a Crouching Heavy Punch followed by a Crouching Medium
Punch. Finish with a Double Speed Kick. This does more damage than
any combo under 9 hits that I've been able to find with any 'bot,
and is extremely simple to perform with practice. You CAN do it even
if your opponent isn't dizzy, but you won't be able to finish it.
Difficulty(1-10): 4

- Simple & Destructive 2-hit -
Modes: One,Two,Modem,Tournament Req'd: Rehit
Combination: (jump),D-DF-F+K,(land),D-DF-F+K
Descrip tion: Follows a Mid-Air Speed Kick with a Speed Kick. This
works great when using a strong character like Shirro in One/Two/
Modem Player modes. If you're playing in Modem mode with Level 2
Enhancements, then tack on another Speed Kick right after the last
one for incredible damage.
Difficulty(1-10): 1

- Smash'n'Toss 2-hit -
Modes: One,Two,Modem,Tournament Req'd: Rehit, Fairly Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump),D-DF-F+K,(land),F,F+P
Descriptio n: Follows a Mid-Air Speed Kick with a Spike Charge. Good
for keeping your opponent off-balance by making them switch sides,
and does large amounts of damage in One/Two/Modem Player modes. It
requires just a little bit of timing to get right.
Difficulty(1-10): 2

Computer Cheats:

- The computer almost always fails to block the Thorn's Mid-Air
Speed Kick. Use it as often as you like, and it will nearly
never be blocked. Also, in Tournament mode with both Enh,
start off every match with a Double Speed Kick. If they
aren't hit by the first of the two, the second will catch
them on its way down.

Human/Human sTrAgEdIeS:

- The Thorn doesn't really have any particular attacks which
lend itself to surprise or strategy other than its Spike
Charge. Remembering that the Spike Charge can go through
almost all basic attacks, as well as many Special moves,
such as projectiles, try and time it so that you'll catch
your opponent attempting to Sweep you right at the moment
you execute it. However, use it sparingly, as if it is
initially blocked, you're completely open to some major
damage from your opponent.

- Although limited in use, the Thorn's Off-The-Wall Attack is
effective in backing off your opponents when you're cornered.
If you have both Enhancements, try jumping towards your enemy
and quickly doing the move in the middle of the screen where 
they won't be expecting it. Again, use it sparingly to keep
it effective.

-------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----

(3.4) Pyros



 The Pyros is another example of a 'bot that relies primarily
on raw power to win. Although many of its moves work fine against a
human player, as there is minimal reaction time, you have to rely
more on chipping away at your opponent in One Player or Tournament
Mode as the computer blocks most of the moves every time. Although
its flames aren't nearly as powerful as its arms, they are
invulnerable to attack. Any special move that comes into contact
with the flames (with the exception of the Thorn's Spike Charge) is
almost always stopped cold. That, and AI flaws with the Pyros's
Crouching Heavy Punch & Fire Spin, make it an entertaining, yet
challenging, 'bot to use.

Special Moves:

Super Thrust = F,F+P
Shadow Super Thrust = F,F,F+P
Jet Swoop = (jump),D+K
Fire Spin = D,P <-- Down,release,THEN Punch

Scrap Move Part #1 = F,F,D,D+P
Part #2 = U+P(hold)
Timing: Press & hold U+P very
quickly right at the fourth hit
of the Scrap. Hold it until you
hear the Pyros speed up. It's
hard to get it right every time,
but it can be done easily with
Destruction Move = D+P(hold)
Timing: Press & hold D+P quickly
right at the eighth hit of
the Scrap. Once again, it's hard
to get it every time, but with
practice, you'll be able to get
it most of the time. 

How to Get to Fire & Ice = U,D,D+P
Timing: This is by far the
hardest of all the "Fire & Ice"
moves to do consistently. You
have to time the move so as to
press the D+P right as your
opponent explodes. You'll be able
to get it most of the time with
practice. However, if you REALLY
just can't get it to work, try it
with the speed turned down a
couple of notches and you should
have less trouble.

Hyper Mode Enhancements:

Mid-Air Super Thrust - Lets you do a Super Thrust while
Combination: (jump),F,F+P

Mid-Air Fire Spin - A Fire Spin that you can perform
in mid-air.
Combination: (jump),D,P

Tournament Enhancements:

First Enhancement:
Super-Fast Super Thrust - An incredibly fast version of the
Pyros's Super Thrust.
& Combination: Same as normal ST

Mid-Air Super Thrust - Lets the Pyros do a Super Thrust
in mid-air without Hyper Mode on.
Combination: (jump),F,F+P

Second Enhancement:
The only place that I could find the Pyros' Second Enhancement was
from Bethany in the World Championship. And It really wasn't worth
the trouble, it would seem.

Turbo Mid-Air Super Thrust - The Pyros' MAST is much faster.
Combination: Same as normal MAST

Effective Combos:

- My Best Combo, 6-hit Ground Based Bash -
Mode: Tournament Req'd: Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+P,DB+P,B+P,B+P,DB+P,F,F+P
Descri ption: Attack with a Jump Punch. Follow with a Crouching Heavy
Punch, two Standing Heavy Punches, another Crouching Heavy Punch,
and finish with a Super Thrust. Since it's Ground Based, you can
finish the combo no matter if your opponent becomes dizzy while
you're doing it or not as they won't fall till the last hit.
Difficulty(1-10): 5

- 3-hit Easy -
Mode: One,Two,Modem,Tournament Req'd: Rehit
Combination: (get right beside opponent),D,P
Description: Get as close as you can to your opponent and do a Fire
Spin. If Rehit mode is on, you'll hit them three times with this.
Using a character like Shirro in One/Two/Modem Player modes, you'll
be able to almost completely destroy your opponent with this one
Difficulty(1-10): 1

- Ground Based Fast Flame 5-hit -
Mode: Tournament Req'd: Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+P,(land),D+K,D+K,D+K,DB+K
Descri ption: Attack with a Jump Punch and follow with three
Crouching Medium Flames, and end with a Crouching Heavy Flame.
Difficulty(1-10): 2

- Grab'n'Slam 4-hit -
Mode: Tournament Req'd: Rehit, Fast Pilot
Combination: (grab),K,B+K,F,F+P
Description: Do a grab on your opponent. As soon as they're released
do a Standing Medium Flame, followed by a Standing Heavy Flame.
Finish with a Super Thrust.
Difficulty(1-10): 6

Computer Cheats:

- There isn't any real "set" way to cheat against the computer
that I've been able to find with the Pyros, but there are a
couple of things that it will occasionally fall for. One is
to do a Standing Heavy Flame as the AI 'bot walks toward you.
They'll quite often do this up to three or four times in a
row. This works best at the start of a match.

- A combo that I do against the computer to win when I'm losing
that works almost all of the time is to do a Jet Swoop, then
as soon as I land do a Crouching Medium Punch, Crouching
Heavy Punch, Standing Heavy Punch, and a Super Thrust.
Against the shorter Flail & Gargoyle, omit the Standing Heavy

- And doing a Jet Swoop and following it with a Fire Spin
will also connect with some frequency, without leaving you
particularly vulnerable to attack even if it doesn't.

- Lastly, doing a Fire Spin when the computer is walking
towards you will sometimes cause it to walk right into the

Human/Human sTrAgEdIeZ:

- The best moves for use against organically based opponents
would be the Super Thrust and the Jet Swoop. Since people
generally don't have the instantaneous reflexes of the
computer's AI, you can expect the Super Thrust to be blocked
less often if you use it sparingly and sporadically. Also,
jumping away from your opponent and then quickly doing a Jet
Swoop will catch the less-than-dextrously-gifted quite a bit,
just so long as you don't develop a pattern.

---------------------------- ---------------------------------------- --

(3.5) Electra

The Electra, while great for use in Two Player Mode, requires
taking advantage of a couple of those wonderful AI bugs that let us
win when nothing else will in One Player & Tournament Mode. Relying
primarily on lightning (yes, a pun WAS intended) fast moves and a
great defensive Special Move(Electric Shards), the Electra is a
'bot for none but the most nimble of thumbs. Those of you destitute
of the requisite motor skills may wish to choose a slower 'bot or
go play Links 386.

Special Moves:

Lightning Ball = D-DB-B+P
Electric Shards = D-DF-F+P
Note: At any time during the ES,
you can do a Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder = F,F+P
Shadow Rolling Thunder = D-DF-F,F+P

Scrap Move = D,F+P
Destruction Move = U-UF-F-DF-D+P
Timing: Do it anytime while
the Electra is "volting" your

How to get to Fire & Ice = F-DF-D+P
Timing: Do it right after your
opponent blows up, QUICKLY. If
you have problems, do it over &
over while the lightning is

Hyper Mode Enhancements:

Directable Lightning Ball - Lets you control the direction of
the Lightning Ball after you
release it by pressing in any
Combination: Same as normal LB

Mid-Air Rolling Thunder - Do the Rolling Thunder in Mid-Air
Combination: (jump),F,F+P

Tournament Enhancements:

First Enhancement:
Double Lightning Ball - Lets you release two Lightning
Balls at once.
& Combination: Same as normal LB

Long-Range Electric Shards - Electric Shards have a much
longer reach.
Combination: Same as normal ES

Second Enhancement:
Triple Lightning Ball - Lets you release three Lightning
Balls at once.
Combination: Same as normal LB

Effective Combos:

- My Best Combo, Jolt'n'Volt 13-hit -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Fast Pilot,Both Enh,Dizzy
Combination: (jump)+K,(land)B+P,B+P,B+P,B+P,F+K,F+K,B +P,K,B+K,
Description: Attack with a Jump Kick & follow with 4 Standing Heavy
Punches. Continue with 2 Standing Light Kicks, a Standing Heavy
Punch, a Standing Medium Kick, & a Standing Heavy Kick. Finish with
a Triple Lightning Ball. Note that you have to time it just right to
get all three Lightning Balls to hit your opponent.
Difficulty(1-10): 8

- Quick-Kicks 21-hit Ground Based -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Fast Pilot,Corner
Combination: (jump)+K,DF+K(15-19 times),DB+K
Description: Attack with a Jump Kick and follow it with up to 19
Crouching Light Kicks, and finish with a Sweep. It's only possible
to get a 21-hit combo against a slow pilot, as far as I know. I can
get a 21-hit combo against Ibraham in a Shadow most every time.
Difficulty(1-10): 2

- Beat'n'Retreat 8-hit -
Mode: Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Fast Pilot,Corner
Combination: (jump)+K,(land),K,K,B+K,B+K,D-DF-F,F+P
 Description: Attack with a Jump Kick and follow with 2 Standing
Medium Kicks. Continue with 2 Standing Heavy Kicks and finish with
a Shadow Rolling Thunder.
Difficulty(1-10): 7

Computer Cheats:

- The easiest cheat to use against the computer is to do a Jump
Attack and then do as many Crouching Light Kicks as you can
as soon as you land. The computer never blocks these, and
will quickly become dizzy, allowing you to either repeat this
or do another combo of your choosing.

Human/Human sTrAgEdIeZ:

- Use the Electric Shards to thwart most Basic and Special
Attacks from your opponents. Be sure to utilize the long-
range potential of the Electra by making distance between you
and your opponent and doing the Shadow Rolling Thunder. Also,
a good strategy is to launch a Lightning Ball and then direct
it upward, since most people tend to try and jump them 

-------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------

(3.6) Katana


 Definitely one of the most enjoyable 'bots to play with, the
Katana has a well rounded variety of basic Attacks and Special
Moves, the latter of which, when used properly, can madden your
human opponents to the point of less than tasteful dialogue. With
some very strong attacks and a good assortment of possible combos,
the Katana is about the most well rounded 'bot to use. Once again,
for those of you who might occasionally get stuck against a computer
opponent, I've found a couple of useful AI loopholes to get you
through those tight Tournament matches.

Special Moves:

Rising Blade = D-DF-F+P (Invincible)
Shadow Rising Blade = B-DB-D-DF-F+P (Invincible)
.--Head Stomp = (jump),D+K <--While over opponent
`->NOTE: To control the direction in which your Katana will move
subsequent to stomping on your opponent, quickly press
and hold Left or Right just BEFORE you stomp your enemy
to move, respectively, either Left or Right. It also
should be noted that you can perform an air attack while
coming out of a Head Stomp, such as a Jump Kick, Jump
Punch, or Mid-Air Rising Blade.(see below, Hyper-Mode
.--Forward Razor Spin = D-DF-F+K
:--Backward Razor Spin = D-DB-B+K
`->NOTE: You can control movement of the Katana's Razor Spin move
in the air, once it starts spinning, by pressing in any 
direction. Also, if you bounce off your opponent doing
the Spin, and then go against a wall before you land,
you'll go into another Spin.

Scrap Move = F-DF-D-DB-B+P
Destruction Move = B-DB-D-DF-F+P
Timing: Wait until after the
Katana slashes your opponent,
and then quickly do the move.
You only have a short time to
do it, so go FAST.

How to get to Fire & Ice = B-DB-D-DF-F+K
Timing: Do the move right after
the Katana slashes and destroys
your opponent's 'bot. If you just
can't get it to work, keep doing
the sequence over & over after
you do the Destruction move.

Hyper Mode Enhancements:

Mid-Air Rising Blade - Lets you do a Rising Blade in
Combination: (jump),D-DF-F+P

Tournament Mode Enhancements:

First Enhancement:
Four-Hit Shadow Rising Blade - Does a four-hit version of the
Katana's Shadow Rising Blade.
Combination: Same as normal SRB

Second Enhancement:
Five-Hit Shadow Rising Blade - Does a five-hit version of the
Katana's Shadow Rising Blade.
Combination: Same as normal SRB

I've heard that the Katana has a third Enhancement which gives him
the Fireball that "Fire", the secret character in One Player Mode,
uses. But as of yet I haven't been able to find it. I'm assuming
that you have to get it with your second enhancement from a
particular Unranked Challenger(like the Shadow's Freeze Blast that
you get from Iceman in the North American), but it wasn't the Iceman
Katana in the World Championship. Anyone got any tips short of
hex-editing my saved character?

Effective Combos:

- My Best Combo, Smash'n'Slice 8-hit Ground Based -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Both Enh,Fast Pilot,Corner
Combination: (jump)+K,(land),B+P,B+P-DB-D-DF-F+P
Des cription: Attack with a Jump Kick, follow with 2 Standing Heavy
Punches, and finish with a Shadow Rising Blade. You can do this
without the Enhancements, or with only one, but you'll only get 6
or 7 hits instead of the full 8.
Difficulty(1-10): 5

- Blade Barrage 6-hit -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+K,D-DF-F+P,(land),DB+P,B+K,B+P
D escription: Attack with a Jump Kick and follow it with a Rising
Blade. As soon as you land out of the Rising Blade, do a Crouching
Heavy Punch followed by a Standing Heavy Kick and ending with a
Standing Heavy Punch.
Difficulty(1-10): 7

- Slide-n-Slice 3-hit -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Fast Pilot
Combination: DB+K,DB+P,B+P
Description: Get about a quarter screen away from your opponent and
do the Katana's Sweep. Immediately follow it with a Crouching Heavy
Punch and then a Standing Heavy Punch. This works well for surprise
attacks against your friends.
Difficulty(1-10): 3

Computer Cheats:

- The computer doesn't seem to understand the concept of
blocking the Katana's Head Stomp. You can pretty much win an
entire match by just continually doing the Head Stomp on your
opponents until they become dizzy. The computer at most only
blocks it 2 out of every 3 times.

- If your reflexes are up to the challenge, you can also just
wait for the computer to do any kind of attack and retaliate
with a Rising Blade. Remember that you are completely
invulnerable doing the Rising Blade until it reaches its
apex, so any move of any other 'bots coming into contact with
a Katana in the middle of Rising Blade OR Shadow Rising Blade
will take damage while the Katana goes unscathed.

Human/Human sTrAgEdIeZ:

- Knowing of the invincibility of the Katana's Rising Blade,
expect experienced opponents to try to "bluff" an attack to
get you to do a Rising Blade, opening yourself up to attack.
Only use the Rising Blade either to thwart an attack to which
your enemy has already commited, or to pass through
projectiles when your enemy is at a distance. Use the Head
Stomp sparingly, as your fleshly opponents, unlike the game's
AI, know better than to take a continual beating from you in
such manner. Also, do a Forward Razor Spin and then press
Kick while you're flying towards your opponent for a turbo
charged Jump Kick that works great for surprising enemies at
a distance.

--------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---

(3.7) Shredder


The Shredder, while it is probably one of the best rounded
'bots in the game, doesn't really excell in any particular area.
It has a couple of great Special Moves, some powerful Basic Moves,
and looks cool to boot. But, the computer doesn't seem to respect
its cool looks, as it plays against the 'bot quite well on the
higher difficulty levels. However, I've been able to find a couple
of in the games's AI to let you win despite the fact that
you're strategically challenged. Most important to remember when
using the Shredder is that this 'bot's only advantage over the other
'bots is its virtually unlimited assortment of powerful combos. All
of its Special Moves complement each other by being able work
together in one combo. For an example of using this to your great
advantage, check out the 18-hit combo below. Or you can watch it by
playing the "SHREDDER.REC" file that should have come with the ZIP
file you obtained this FAQ from.

Special Moves:

Flying Hands = D-DB-B+P
Head-Butt = D-DF-F+P
Shadow Head-Butt = B-DB-D-DF-F+P
Flip Kick = D,D+K
NOTE: You can do any mid-air
Attack at any time during the
Flip Kick.

Scrap Move = D,F+P
Destruction Move = D,U,U+P
Timing: Do it at any time while
the Shredder is shredding your

How to get to Fire & Ice = U-UB-B-DB-D+K
Timing: The easiest way to do the
move is to press and hold up
while your Shredder tosses your
opponent into the air, and the do
the rest of the move right after
your opponent explodes. If you
can't seem to get it to work, try
doing the move over and over
while & after your opponent is in
the air.

Hyper Mode Enhancements:

Mid-Air Head-Butt - Lets you do a Head-Butt in mid-
Combination: (jump),D-DF-F+P

Tournament Enhancements:

First Enhancement:
Long-Range Flying Hands - The Flying Hands Attack has a
much farther range.
Combination: Same as normal FH

* Second Enhancement:
I could only get my Second Enhancment from Jazzy in the World

Turbo Head-Butt & - The HB & SHB are nearly twice as
Shadow Head-Butt fast as before.
Combination: Same as normal HB &

Effective Combos:

- My Best Combo, 18-Hit Sure Death -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit, Dizzy, Corner, Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump),D+K,(land),D+K,K,B+K,B+K,B+K-DB-D -DF-F+P,
B+P-DB-D-DF-F+P,P,D,D+K,D-DF-F +P,(land),D-DB-B+P,
Des cription: Get your opponent dizzy and in a corner, and then
attack with a Jump Kick. Go straight out of the Jump Kick into a
Flip Kick, and after the Flip Kick connects for the second hit,
quickly press Kick before you land. As soon as you land, do three
Standing Heavy Kicks, and follow with a Shadow Head Butt, then a
Standing Heavy Punch, another Shadow Head Butt, and a Standing
Medium Punch. Go into another Flip Kick, and after it hits once,
do a Mid-Air Head-Butt. As soon as you land, do the Flying Hands.
Immediately after the flying hands, do a Head Butt, then a Standing
Medium Kick, and finish with a Standing Heavy Kick. This is the most
destructive combo I've found for any 'bot in the game, and will take
off between 3/4 and 7/8 of any characters energy. However, it's
extremely difficult to pull off, and takes alot of practice to get
down with any efficiency, but makes for an excellent tape to replay
for your friends. Note that you can't FINISH the combo unless your
opponent is already dizzy, although you can go so far into it, get
them dizzy, and THEN do the full version... if they have enough
energy left. Note that this combo doesn't work as well against the
smaller 'bots, such as the Gargoyle and Flail, as some of the hits
will miss them due to their short height. I've found this combo
easiest to perform against the Nova, for some reason.
Difficulty(1-10): 10

- Multi-Head Butt 6-Hit -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit, Fast Pilot
Combination: (qtr screen away),B-DB-D-DF-F+P,B+P-DB-D-DF-F+P,DB+P ,
Description: From at least a quarter of a screen away, do a Shadow
Head Butt, follow with a quick Standing Heavy Punch, then another
Shadow Head Butt, and a Crouching Heavy Punch. Finish with a Head
Butt followed by a quick Standing Heavy Kick to put them into the
wall. This will make any opponent dizzy, setting you up for the
18-hit combo listed above.
Difficulty(1-10): 6

Computer Cheats:

- There are three ways to cheat against the computer with the
Shredder that I've found. The first is to do a Flying Hands
attack whenever the computer is walking towards you. The
computer for some reason almost always jumps into it. It
works best when you have the First Enhancement. Also, start
off every match against the computer with the Flying Hands.
This hits nearly every time.

- The second cheat is to attack the computer with a Jump Attack
and then do lots of quick Standing Light Punches. These never
fail to hit the computer; just be careful of a Counter-Attack
by the computer when your attacking with just a plain Jump
Kick or Punch.

- And lastly, my favorite way to cheese AI opponents is to do
a Flip Kick, wait for it to hit the computer once(whether it
connects or not), and immediately do a Mid-Air Head Butt.
Not only does the computer almost never block this, but it
also allows you to go into the above mentioned 6-hit combo.

Human/Human sTrAgEdIeZ:

- Playing with the Shredder against your carbon-based enemies
can be very effective if you know when to use its Special
Moves. It's best to use the Head-Butt for surprise attacks
from long range when there's distance between you and your
opponent, and the Flying Hands when they're too close for
comfort. The Flip Kick is effective against almost all Air
Attacks, Special or Basic, and is great for going into combos
with. Remember that the only real advantage that the Shredder
has is its nigh unlimited assortment of combos, so be sure to
master these before expecting many victories with it.

--------------------------------- -------------------------------------

(3.8) Flail


De finitely the oddball of the group, I can imagine the Elam's
conceptualizing the designs for the Flail after one too many slices
of a Meat-Lover's pizza with extra pepperoni. This 'bot looks like
it could handle anything from smart missiles to heavy indigestion.
And it can, too. (I'm guessing on the indigestion part) Although
discouraging to learn, the Flail is one of the more interesting,
and fun, 'bots to use. And Although he's hard to use against the
instantaneous reflexes of the computer, he's a blast to use against
your friends-turned-enemies in Two Player Mode. However, to even
things out in your battle against unfair AI response time, there
are a couple of bugs that you can use to win your personal war
against the evil Major.

Special Moves

Charge Punch = B,B+P
Shadow Charge Punch = D-DB-B,B+P
Slow Chain Spin = D,K 
Fast Chain Spin = D,P
Spinning Throw Grab = F,F+K <-- Must be near opponent;
can be done in air.

Scrap Part #1 = F,F,F+P
Part #2 = F,B+P
Timing: Time it so that you hit
Back & Punch right after the
Flail slams your opponent against
the wall. If you have problems
getting it to work, just keep
doing the sequence F,B+P over &
over during the first slam.

Destruction = B,F+P
Timing: Do this after your Flail
turns around and starts toward
the other wall. If you can't
seem to get it to work right,
keep doing the sequence B,F+P
over and over right after you do
the Scrap Part #2.

How to get to Fire & Ice = F-DF-D-DB-B+K,(rep)
Timing: I'm not real sure about
this one. I just do the move over
and over after my opponent blows

Hyper Mode Enhancements:

Mobile Chain Spins - Lets your Flail move while doing
a Heavy or Light Chain Spin by
pressing Left or Right on your
Combination: Same as normal CS

Tournament Enhancements:

First Enhancements:
This one gives the Flail all kinds of goodies...

Mobile Chain Spins - Lets you do a MCS without Hyper
mode on.

* Slow Chain Spin/ - Lets you do a Charging Punch at
Charging Punch Combo any time during a SCS. Just do
the Charging Punch at any time
during the Flail's SCS.

* Charging Punch Safety - Lets you do a Spinning Throw Grab
Throw while coming out of a Charging
Punch or Shadow Charging Punch.
Do the Spinning Throw Grab RIGHT
AFTER you hit your opponent,
whether it connects or not. This
makes the Flail less vulnerable
when using the CP.

* Second Enhancement:
The only place that I could find the Flail's second Enhancement
was from Devan Shell in the Katushai Challenge.

Turbo Shadow Charging Punch - The SCP is extremely fast and
does more damage.
Combination: Same as normal SCP

Fast Chain Spin/ - Lets you do a Charging Punch at
Charging Punch Combo any time during a Fast Chain
Spin. Just do the CP at any time
during the FCS.

Effective Combos:

- My Best Combo, 8-hit Flailage -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit,First Enh,Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+P,(land),P,P,D+K,D+K,D,K,B,B+P
D escription: Attack with a Jump Punch. As soon as you land, do 2
Standing Medium Punches followed by 2 Crouching Medium Flails. End
with a Slow Chain Spin and, after it hits your opponent twice, do a
Charging Punch to finish.
Difficulty(1-10): 7

- Grab'n'Toss 2-hit -
Modes: One,Two,Modem,Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Corner
Combination: (grab),F,F+K
Description: Do a Grab on your opponent while they're in a corner.
As soon as your Flail releases them, do a Spinning Throw Grab. If
you time it right, you'll catch them every time.
Difficulty(1-10): 2

- Slap'n'Spin 4-hit -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+P,F+P,F+P,F+K
Description: Attack with a Jump Punch & follow with two Standing
Light Punches. Finish with a Spinning Throw Grab.
Difficulty(1-10): 5

Computer Cheats:

- To win against the computer, the only move you ever need use
is the Flail's Slow Chain Spin. Do it with Hyper mode on in
any mode at any skill level, and move towards your opponent
while spinning. The computer usually only blocks the first
hit, while letting the others connect freely. Sometimes the
AI will start to wise up, and begin blocking it more often on
the higher difficulty levels. If it does, just mix it up with
an occasional Charging Punch from a distance, and then start
all over with the Slow Chain Spin again.

Human/Human sTrAgEdIeZ:

- Though aggravating to learn, the Flail's chains can be used
to drive your opponents up the wall. Against some opponent,
you can nearly win a match by just doing Crouching Medium
Flails the whole time, since opponents without projectiles
can do little to stop them. Also, you can often catch those
annoying opponents who like to just constantly with a
Spinning Throw Grab done in mid-air. Just time their jump,
and then jump up and towards them, immediately doing the
STG. It takes practice and some pretty quick finger magic,
but you'll get the hang of it.

--------------------------------- -------------------------------------

(3.9) Gargoyle


The Gargoyle is really one of my favorite all around 'bots to
use. This may be because of his unique appearance, differing from
anything in all other fighting game out there. Or it may be because
all of its moves are easy to learn and no problem to get off in a
pinch. But whatever the reason, the Gargoyle is one of the easiest
'bots to win against the computer with, and one of the hardest to
beat when controlled by a quick-fingered friend. Combining a mixture
of speed and a great defensive Special Move(Flying Talon), this 'bot
is one of the most fun to use in either One Player, Two Player, or
Tournament Mode. Be sure to note that you can control the direction
of the Gargoyle's jump by pressing Up & Back or Up & Forward to go,
respectively, either Back or Forward while jumping. This is really
handy when a change of direction in mid-air is preferrable to
landing in your opponents arms.

Special Moves:

Wing Charge = F,F+P
Diving Claw Grab = (jump),D+K <- When nearly over
your opponent
NOTE: You can control the left/
right direction of the Grab by
pressing left or right while the
the Gargoyle is diving.
Flying Talon = D-DF-F+P
NOTE: You can perform another
attack, such as a Jump Punch or
Diving Claw, after the Flying
Talon has reached its apex.

Scrap Move = B-DB-D-DF-F+P
Destruction Move = D,U,D+P
Timing: Time it so that you hit
D+P right after the Gargoyle
lands on your opponent. If you
have problems, simply keep doing
the sequence U,D+P over and over
after the Gargoyle flys off the
top of the screen.

How to get to Fire & Ice = D,D,D+P
Timing: Do the sequence right
after the Gargoyle destroys your
opponent and flies off the top of
the screen. If you have problems
getting it to work right, just
keep pressing D+P over & over
after the Gargoyle flys off the
top of the screen after the

Hyper Mode Enhancements:

Mid-Air Wing Charge - Lets you do a Wing Charge in
Combination: (jump),F,F+P
NOTE: You can do a Diving Claw
Grab at anytime during a MAWC.
This proves very effective for
surprise tactics.

Mid-Flying Talon Wing - Lets you do a Wing Charge at any
Charge time during a FT.
Combination: F,F+P (at any time
during the FT)

Tournament Enhancements:

First Enhancement:
Best I can tell, this Enhancement just lets you do a mid-air Wing
Charge, even when Hyper Mode isn't turned on in the Gameplay menu.
That's a real bonus. Like most people really play this game with
Hyper Mode off?

* Second Enhancement:
The only place that I could find the Gargoyle's Second Enhancement
was from Bethany in the World Championship.

Turbo Mid-Air Wing Charge - The MAWC is much faster than
Combination: Same as normal MAWC

Effective Combos:

- My Best Combo, 11-hit Killer -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Corner,Dizzy,Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+K,(land),B+P,B+P,D-DF-F+P,F+P,(la nd),F+P,B+P,
Description: Get your opponent Dizzy and in a corner. Attack with a
Jump Kick and follow with 2 Standing Heavy Punches. Continue with a
Flying Talon and then do a Mid-Air Wing Charge as soon as the
Flying Talon hits. As soon as you land, do a regular Wing Charge and
follow it with a Standing Heavy Punch, a Standing Heavy Kick, & a
Crouching Heavy Punch. Then do another Flying Talon, and as soon as
it hits, do another Mid-Air Wing Charge. This will not hit your
opponent as you've already hit them with one of these since they
were knocked into the air--but quickly press D+K as soon as you've
done the MAWC, and you'll catch them with a Diving Claw Grab, which
you HAVEN'T used yet. You have to do that last part VERY fast to get
it to work, so it might take a few tries. Just to make sure that
it's possible, check out the "GARGOYLE.REC" file.
Difficulty(1-10): 10

- 8-hit Dizzier -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Corner,Fast Pilot
Combination: (close to opponent),F,F+P,F+P,B+P,D-DF-F+P,F+P,(la nd),
Description: Get close to your opponent, at least at Sweep range. Do
2 consecutive Wing Charges, and follow with a Standing Heavy Punch.
Continue with a Flying Talon, and as soon as the Flying Talon hits,
do a Mid-Air Wing Charge. As soon as you land, do a Standing Heavy
Kick and then a Standing Medium Punch. Finish by jumping straight up
& doing a Diving Claw Grab.
Difficulty(1-10): 8

Computer Cheats:

- All you have to do to win on any skill level in any mode when
using the Gargoyle is to continually do the Diving Claw Grab.
The computer won't block it 95% of the time.

- Also, if you're cornered, just do lots of Crouching Heavy
Punches. The computer almost never blocks them and will walk
into them over and over.

Human/Human sTrAgEdIeZ:

- The Diving Claw Grab and Wing Charge both prove very useful
in Two Player games, especially when used together. The best
way to catch your opponent off-guard is to do a Flying Talon
and then quickly do a Mid-Air Wing Charge to zoom over to
your opponent and do a Diving Claw Grab. When playing with
the speed set up, this is nigh unto impossible to react in
time to avoid. But avoid doing it too often, or developing a
predictable pattern, as that would render the strategy near

---------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------

(3.A) Chronos

Being much better suited for Two Player games than the vs
Computer Modes, the Chronos is a kick to beat your buddies with
after you've mastered the timing required to use him effectively.
Not really excelling in any particular strengths nor garnishing
any real flaws in regards to Speed, Power, and Armor, the Chronos
is pretty well-rounded, but by no means special either. In regards
to One Player & Tournament modes, expect to have more trouble with
the computer than you do against your friends using the Chronos.
Almost all of its moves require that your opponent doesn't react
immediately; and as you know, this is basically the only defense the
computer knows. And on the higher difficulty levels the computer
almost always blocks your attacks or thwarts your Teleport by
grabbing you before you even finish materializing beside him.
However, I HAVE found a couple of ways that you can cheat against
the computer, despite its unfair lack of a reflex allowment, letting
you still find all the Unranked Challengers and get both the
Chronos' worthless Enhancements.

Special Moves:

Stasis Activator = D-DB-B+P
Slow Stasis Activator = F-DF-D-DB-B+P
Matter Phasing = D-DB-B+K <- Can be done in air
Teleport = D,P <- Down,release,THEN Punch
NOTE: You can control the move-
ment of the Teleport by pressing
left or right while the Chronos
is "phasing" out. Pressing left
will port you to the far left of
the screen, while pressing right
will port you to the far right.
If you press in no direction, you
end up directly behind your

Scrap Move = D,F+P
* Destruction Move = F,B,P
Timing: Time it so that you
press the P right after the
Chronos's arm goes inside your
opponent. It's real hard to do
it exact with the speed all the
way up, so if you have problems
just keep pressing F,B,P over &
over during the Scrap.

How to get to Fire & Ice = D-DB-B+P
Timing: Do the move right after
your opponent blows up. This is
probably the easiest of all the
"Fire & Ice" moves to perform,
but unfortunately, with a 'bot as
crappy as the Chronos, you most
likely won't get to use it that

Hyper Mode Enhancements:
Controllable Stasis - Lets you control the Direction
Activators of the Stasis & Slow Stasis
after it's released by pressing
in any direction with the SSA
after it stops moving, but just
up & down with the SA right when
you release it.
Combination: Same as normal SA &

Tournament Enhancements

First Enhancement:
I got this Enhancement from Bethany in the War Invitational.

Controllable Stasis - Lets you control the Direction
Activators of these without Hyper Mode on.
Combination: Same as normal SA &

Second Enhancement:

I got a Second Enhancement from Bethany in the World Championship,
but I'll be $#%&*@ if I know what it does.

Effective Combos:

- My Best Combo, 7-hit Drainer -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+K,(land),P,B+K,F+K,P,B+P
Descrip tion: Attack with a Jump Kick and follow with a Standing
Medium Punch & a Standing Heavy Kick. Follow with a Standing Light
Kick, a Standing Medium Punch, and finish with a Standing Heavy
Punch.(Hey, I know it's great, but it's the best I've got)
Difficulty(1-10): 6

- Grab, Stop, 'n Drop 4-hit -
Modes: One,Two,Modem,Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Fast Pilot,Corner
Combination: (grab),D-DB-B+P,D-DB-B+K,B+P
Descriptio n: Do a Grab on your opponent while they're in a corner.
As soon as you release them, quickly do a Stasis Activator. If it
freezes them, do a Matter Phasing and follow it with a Standing
Heavy Punch. Note that you cannot catch the Thorn, Jaguar, or
Electra with the Stasis Activator after the Grab since they fall so
Difficulty(1-10): 4

- One/Two/Modem Player 4-hit -
Modes: One,Two,Modem,Tournament Req'd: Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+K,B+K,B+P
Description: Do a Jump Kick and follow with a Standing Heavy Kick &
finish with a Standing Heavy Punch. This does high damage in One,
Two, & Modem Player modes.
Difficulty(1-10): 1

Computer Cheats:

- There are two ways I've found that can be used to cheat
against the computer. The first is to use the Chronos'
Standing Light Kick continually. Following any Jump Attack
with this almost always connects, allowing you to follow it
with stronger attacks such as a Standing Heavy Punch or
Kick. You can also start out every match with this move and
connect almost every time if you do two or three in a row.

- The second cheat is to get in about the middle of the screen
and release a Stasis Activator. The computer always tries to
jump it. When it does, it always attacks early, allowing you
to do a Standing Heavy Punch when they reach you. You can do
this over and over during a match.

Human/Human sTrAgEdIeZ:

- Facing human opponents is where you can really have the most
fun with the Chronos. You can actually get results when using
the Teleport and Matter Phasing moves against those with less
than instantaneous reflexes. One of my favorite ways to make
my opponent nervous is to do the Teleport from one side of
the screen, but stay on the side of the screen I'm
Teleporting from, thus staying in the same place. Launch as
many Stasis Activators as you can, directing them upward most
of the time so you'll occasionally catch them with one when
they try to jump it. Also, launch a Slow Stasis Activator &
follow it towards your opponent. If they try to attack you
while you're behind the SSA, they'll get frozen and you can
do the combo of your choice.

----------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -

(3.B) Nova


If you can't win with the Nova, then you might want to go back
to Karate Champ in your local arcade. But if you prove effective at
utilizing raw power, hate racking your brain in an effort to devise
brilliant combos, or just like to feel BAD, the Nova will obviously
be the 'bot of choice for you. If the Nova were a weapon in DOOM,
it would be a quadruple-barrel Shotgun--not the prettiest of toys,
but definitely carrying that feeling of unstoppable destruction.
The Nova, when fully rigged, is fast, powerful, & tough. It
surpasses all the other 'bots in terms of basic Attack superiority,
Special Move damage, and an almost unlimited number of incredibly
powerful combos. Even if you're the finesse player who prefers the
grace and eloquence of motion of the Katana to the brute force of
the Thorn, you'll love using the Nova if for no other reason than
to see it smash the top half of your opponent off with sheer
strength during its Destruction. All you DOOMers out there have
fun! See Section (2.9) for instructions on how to select the Nova in
a One Player game if you have version 2.0.

Special Moves:

Missile = D-DF-F+P
Air-Missile = (jump),D-DF-F+P
Mini-Grenade = D-DB-B+P
Earthquake Slam = D,D+P
Chest Slam = (jump),D+P When over opponent

Scrap Move = D-DB-B,F+P
Destruction Move = D,D,D,P
Timing: Time it so that you hit
P right after the fifth hit of
the Scrap. If you have problems,
keep hitting D,P over & over
after the third hit of the Scrap.

How to get to Fire & Ice = Undiscovered at this time

Hyper Mode Enhancements:

None Known(or needed)

Tournament Mode Enhancements:

I've used the Nova against every character in all the 
Tournaments, as well as all Unranked Challengers, but I've yet
to get an enhancement. To be honest, I don't know what they could
improve, unless it was to make its projectiles(Missile, Air-
Missile, & Mini-Grenade) faster. But that would only be tipping
already uneven-in-our-favor scales more out of balance, now wouldn't

Effective Combos:

- My Best Combo, 7-hit Bash-n-Slam -
Modes: Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Corner,Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump),D+P,(land),P,P,DB+P,P,(jump),D+P
Description: Attack with a Chest Slam. As soon as you hit and land,
IMMEDIATELY do 2 Standing Medium Punches & then a Crouching Heavy
Punch. Follow with a Standing Medium Punch while they're in the air.
Finish by quickly jumping towards your opponent and doing a Chest
Difficulty(1-10): 8

- Easy All-Mode Ground Based 5-hit -
Modes: One,Two,Modem,Tournament Req'd: Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+K,P,P,DB+P
Description: Attack with a Jump Kick and follow with two Standing
Medium Punches. Finish with a Crouching Heavy Punch.
Difficulty(1-10): 2

- High Damage 4-Hit -
Modes: One,Two,Modem,Tournament Req'd: Rehit,Fast Pilot
Combination: (jump)+P,B+P,B+K,B+P
Description: Attack with a Jump Punch. Follow with a Standing Heavy
Punch and a Standing Heavy Kick. Finish with another Standing Heavy
Difficulty(1-10): 3

Computer Cheats:

- You can win the entire game every time on any difficulty
level by just continually doing the Nova's far-reaching

- A less mind-numbing way to beat the computer is to knock your
opponent down however you choose, and then quickly launch a
Smart Missile. Do an Earthquake Slam, timing it so that you
slam the ground right when the Smart Missile is over your
opponent. You can do this over and over and over and...

Human/Human sTrAgEdIeZ:

- The cheat for the computer listed above regarding the Smart
Missile works just as well against humans as it does against
the computer. However, if they're using a 'bot with a Shadow
variation of a move, such as the Shadow Jaguar Leap, they can
pass through your Smart Missile. Also, try launching Smart
Missiles continually. If they jump straight up, just do an
Earthquake Slam, timing it so that you hit the ground right
when they land. If they jump towards you, do a Standing Heavy
Punch to knock them out of the air. Be sure to use the Air
Missile to your advantage as well. It works effectively when
jumping towards your opponent and launching one halfway
through your jump. It will often catch them off guard.

------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- 

(4) In Closing, etc., etc., etc...
-------------------------------- --

Here's a few odds'n'ends things that you're more than welcome
to read if you haven't already fried your brain trying to do
everything described in this FAQ. But, if you're the stoic, red-
meat only type who read this solely for the facts, feel free to
skip this part. You don't want to see what I wrote about your...
well... just skip it.

(4.1) The Future of OMF

One Must Fall: 2097 is one of the more excellent examples of
PC gaming, and will most certainly continue to improve upon the
debut of the series with each new upgrade and release. Up & coming
products in the OMF line include:

- OMF: 2097 CD! Just prior to releasing version 2.2 of this
FAQ, I received this message regarding the OMF CD

------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ------------
From: (Craig Lafferty)
Subject: Re: OMF 2097 CD?
Date: 17 Jul 1995 19:27:40 GMT
Organization: Epic MegaGames

We will be releasing ONE MUST FALL 2097 on CD in a few weeks, once the
modem/network play is solid. This will be as a delivery method and WILL NOT
BE an enhanced game. OMf 2097 II (tenative name) will be out late this
year or early next year on CD and will be a new or greatly enhanced game.

Craig Lafferty
PR & Marketing Coordinator
Epic MegaGames
----------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------

Well, so much for all the hype that was getting built
up for THIS one. Maybe it's all just a scheme and they're
REALLY going to surprise us.. or not. Oh well.

- OMF ][... Presently going under the name "OMF Enhanced"
(according to the September '95 PC Gamer), this game,
despite its misleading title, is going to be a completely
new OMF sequel. It supposedly has new 'bots, as well as
the old, new SCROLLING backgrounds(the lack of which in
my opinion was the only flaw with the original), and
a few surprises. All of the 'bots are supposed to be true
3D rendered objects as well. According to the PC Gamer
article, Epic is shooting for a Fall release, but I'd say
we probably won't see it until at least Christmas.

I'll add all information regarding these products to this FAQ
as it becomes available.

(4.2) Future Expansion

For those of you annoyed at not having a complete list of every
single combo I've ever found, or more news on up & coming things 
from the Elams & Epic, this FAQ is being continually updated with 
additions, revisions, and corrected mistakes offered as they become
available. (In other words, when ever I feel like typing them in)

Future revisions will include:

- Even more combos and other useless stuff...

- More news on the upcoming OMF CD and OMF ][

- Any additional Secrets and Unranked Challengers not known
at this time

Like I said, I INTEND to add in all this stuff, but (insert
typical, non-commital excuse here), so don't sue me, eh?

(4.3) Where to get the Latest Version of the FAQ
----------------------------------- -------------

The latest versions of this FAQ will always be available via
ftp at the following address: /pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/game_faq/ 

where XX is the version number. (i.e. 10 = 1.0)

And also at: /pub/users/lordsoth/omf

Note that this site also has many cheats and utilities for
use with OMF, including OMFEDT.ZIP, mentioned in Section

Or, if you're not an Internet junkie, feel free to call our
BBS at:

The Pond BBS - (615) 536-5072

The latest versions will always be available there as soon as
they're out, as well as several OMF utilities and saved Characters.
And yes, first time callers DO have file access to most areas.

Please feel free to post this file to newsgroups, CompuServe,
America On-Line, and local BBSs.

(4.4) How to Contact //e

If you have any information about "One Must Fall: 2097" not
contained within this FAQ, or perhaps any ideas on what we ought to
change to make it better, please tell us by(preferably) sending
mail via the International PC Gaming echo on FidoNet. If you feel
like you have to send a personal message, you can send it via
FidoNetmail to:

Matt Williams, 1:3637/8

However, responses will always be in the International PC
Gaming conference, unless you specify that you do not have access
to that echo.

Or, if you prefer, you can call our BBS at: 

The Pond, (615) 536-5072

Leave mail to Matt Williams. The latest version of the FAQ will
always be there, as well as several utilities, cheats, and
information files for OMF. First time callers have access to most
File Areas, including the OMF base.

If you have previously routed questions concerning OMF through
David Laprad's e-mail address, please note that this is no longer
used, due to the complicated process of transferring mail back and
forth from his account to me, and vice-versa. Yes, that's right. I,
unfortunately, do not have Internet access at this time, although
local service is due here in a couple more months.(Please don't
write asking where I live. I nearly break down and cry every time I
discuss it.)

At this time, the information I primarily need is listed in
Section (2.A). However, I would additionally like to know of any
great combos you've discovered, as well as any good strategies for
Human/Human play. I will give credit to whoever contributes the
information that I use in this file. So if you'd get a kick out of
knowing that your name's on every gaming freak-this-side-of-a-
Macintosh's computer, find some stuff that I don't know about OMF
and mail it to us. The help's really appreciated.

(4.5) Revision History

2.3 - Revised the listing of combos, cheats, & gameplay
sTrAgEdIeZ for all 'bots; Added information on
all 'bots First AND Second Enhancements; Added
Sections (1.7) & (1.8); Updated information in
Section (4.1) regarding OMF ][; Added FILMS.ZIP
file containing .REC files of all My Best Combos
for each 'bot.

2.2 - Modified information in Section (1.5); Added
Sections (1.6), (2.8), (2.9), & (2.A); added
slight information to various 'bots; several
minor changes made to layout; Re-did the Unranked
Challengers list, Section (2.3). Various other
small changes made.

2.1 - Corrected Flail's Scrap Part #2 and Destruction
to be much easier and precise than before; Added
information in Section (2.6) regarding the Sound
Test option; Added info on directing the Katana's
Head Stomp; Added new Section (4.1), The Future
of OMF.

2.0 - Added remaining "Fire & Ice" moves for ALL 'bots,
making for a COMPLETE moves list.(As far as I
know, anyway)

1.5 - Corrected the Pyros' Scrap Part#2 and Destruction
to be more specific; Added newly discovered
Enhancement moves for the Jaguar(check'em out.. I
actually ENJOY using the Jaguar now); Added a few
slight notes regarding the Gargoyle and Chronos.

1.4 - Updated Section (2.6) to include the "B-I-G" code
and question about the Sound Test menu; Updated
the Jaguar's Destruction.(it's now less complex)

1.3 - Added new Section (2.6) Odds'n'Ends Secrets; Made
some minor move corrections and grammatical

1.2 - Added new Section (2.2). Added information about 
the secret character "Ice" in Section (2.5);
Added info about second secret difficulty level,
"Ultimate", in Section (2.1); Filled in a couple
of unknown "How to get to Fire & Ice" blanks.

1.1 - Added Section (4.4), Revision History; Filled in
some previously unknown enhancements, as well as 
how to get to Fire with the Thorn; Several typos
corrected. (Thank Goodness)

1.0 - First Internet release.

0.9a - Local release only... added ASCII grafick to the
start, as well as several previously unknown

0.8 - After a couple days of work, first semblance to
a FAQ appears. Contains almost all Special
Moves, Scraps, and Destructions.

(4.6) Credits

Thanx go out to:

God - For not letting that lightning storm fry
my 486 while I was typing this & testing
all the moves. (Amongst many other things,
of course)

David Laprad - The Jay Wilbur of the FAQ world.. 'Biz Guy
promoted this file on the Internet and
made me finish it.

Po Chan - Writer of the first OMF FAQ I came across
which gave me a gave a more or less vague
idea of most of the special moves.

Josh Williams - Little jerk first figured out how to do
(younger bro) the Shadow's Freeze Blast... and wouldn't
tell me how to do it. He provided the
competition which spawned most of the
combos in Section (3).

My Family - For putting up with my clicking keyboard
till absurdly late hours of the night.

Epic Megagames - For making "One Must Fall: 2097". Wouldn't
& Diversions a sequel be nice? ahem..hem.. Do I hear an
Entertainment OMF: 2101 in the works back there? (Maybe
with scrolling backgrounds this time?)

Chris Austin - SysOp of Dekalb BBS.. Halleleujah, a local
BBS at last. (Don't ask where I live; I'm
still not over the shock of moving here
from Atlanta)

Pizza Inn - Pizza that the poor gamer can afford.

* Everyone who - Thanx go out to everyone who helped fill me
contributed to in on the stuff I didn't know... Couldn'ta
the FAQ finished the FAQ without ya'll. Can't
expect me to figure out ALL those "Fire &
Ice" moves myself, now could you??? Major
contributors included:

Henry Bent (Help in Sections 2.1, 2.2, 2.6,
& Katana's F&I move)
"Joe" -lost your last name- (Various F&I
Andrew Schultz (Flail Destruct)
Matt Hall (Info for Section 2.8)
Bernard Li (Info for Section 2.8 & 2.9)
Eugen Woiwod (Info for Section 2.9)
* Richard Nagel (How to REC and PLAY using
the OMF 2.0 upgrade)
& The Avatar(Various Tips,Sound Test Code)
-->Thanx guys<--

You - For reading this entire section, despite
the fact that I never mentioned your...
anything. |-P PPBBBBTHHHH!!!