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Kaerunyo Panyon

For PC



Panyon - Return to My Kingdom


This file by Brianleb. Feel free to use without my permission, just don't

change my name or anything. If you have something to add, mail about it.


See the updates for easily referenced new information.


This file started 6/6/02

This file last updated: 6/14/02

I'll add what I can when I can. Since I can't read Japanese, its hard for me to

provide useful information. But I can still update the item guide and such.



More info from Victor Tran. Fixed heal chart numbers. I don't know what I was

on when I wrote those. If you have any info on what the place I labeled

"Collector's Shop" is I'd be very appreciative.



Got info from Victor Tran. Added credit section and did misc. work in the

in-battle menu section (lots of new in battle CG pic info). Added several Menu

sections, main and right-click menus. Went forward a level. Updated item list.


Update 6/10/02

Went forward a level. Updated item list. Added demi-human list. Figured out

what to do with the in-battle items. Added list for those. Changed up the whole

in battle menu section. Other miscellaneous updates.


Update 6/9/02

I was wrong. At level 7, the dog heals 40 HP. I suppose that it heals 6HP *

(levels 1-5) + 5HP * (levels 6 and up). That's what I've gotten so far. Added

chart for this. Also slight changes and updated item list.


Update: 6/8/02

For the dog's heal spell: he heals 6 HP per 1 HP per level. So if the dog is at

level 5, he will heal 30 HP for 1 HP. Made slight changes around dog heal spell

section of file.



I'll go in order of when things come to you:



Main Menu:



New Game

Load Game

Replay (takes you to where you last were when you quit a battle)



The omake section is weird. There are several pics in there that are sort of H,

and some of them are pretty funny. I think that the farther in the game the

more there is open in there, but maybe its all open from the beginning. Its

worth a look, but there doesn't seem to be any point to it.







Keep fighting, try to keep everyone alive, but its not necessary, you can bring

them back to life in town. The dog must stay in front of the moving screen each

turn or you lose, and it must move each turn or die, no matter where it is.

After attacking or being attacked, a screen with that character's stats may

come up (see diagram below). You may distribute the points given to you however

you please. When you're done with a battle and in town, you can choose where to

go next. I think that the higher up the levels are, the easier they are.

Therefore, in the last row, from P - U, P would be the easiest and U would be

the hardest. This is just my speculation though, and I haven't beaten the game




|char|HP  | Pts |

|pic |    |     |

|____|Str |DEF  |

|name|    |     |

|____|Mag |MDEF |




Reset - resets the points you just distributed (you can also right click to do


OK - goes with the points you distributed

Pts - number of points you have

Str - strength, or maybe power; affects how much damage you do; costs 5

HP - points for higher max HP; costs 1

Magic Power - costs 5; affects how much damage you do with a magic weapon

DEF - costs 6; affects how much damage you take

MDEF - costs 6; affects how much damage you take when attacked with magic


Character status at bottom of screen:


 ________________________________________ __________________

|          | Level   |Movement|Strength/Power |    Defense?|

|char pic  |                  |               |            |

|          |  EXP/Next Level  |Magic Power    |Mag.Defense?|

|name      |                  |               |            |

|__________|Remaining HP/ MAX_|_____?_*_______|____?_*_____|


* Can't add to these at level up

Max for all 6 stats on the right is 65535.

I think the max HP is 500, but I haven't gotten there yet.


At the top left, it is as follows: Turn # - Fireball (damages all enemies on

screen) - Extra Movement (dog gets to move one more space) - Star Movement

(select a person who has already moved so that they may move again) - Heal

(select a person to heal. If you choose the dog it will heal everyone until

they have full hits)


Dog Heal Chart:


Level 1 - 10

Level 2 - 15

Level 3 - 20

Level 4 - 25

Level 5 - 30

Level 6 - 35

Level 7 - 40

Level 8 - 45

Level 9 - 50

Level 10 - 55


The fireball also follows the same scale for damage.


When the dog gets a level up, put it all into HP so he may heal more until he

has about 200 HP. Then put it into defense and mag. defense (see my chart


There are 30 moving turns in a stage, plus however many it takes you to kill

off the last monsters. Keep this in mind when you're using spells. You may need

them later, so try to use fireballs on atleast 13 monsters or if you need it to

live. Also, be sure to use everything you can, but don't waste it. You get a

new set of 3 for each level you go, but they don't add up to what you had



Choose the top option whenever you kill a demi-human to take it with you. I

think (THINK) that you can only hold a certain number of demi-humans at a

certain time.


Menu that comes up when you right click:


Next Turn

In-Battle Menu

View Items

Back to Main Menu





The last 3 options have something to do with the speeddelay of certain in

battle things. You're better off not fooling with them.






To get to the menu, right click and choose the second option (the first goes to

next turn).


The Left: Characters. Select them for equipping items.

The Middle: Item Grid.


Across Top: A, B, C

Down Side: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


A1: Sword

A6: Shield

B4: Book

C2: Glove


All of the characters do different things with the same item, but it all adds

up to:


The sword makes the character do more damage.

The book makes the character do less damage (unless you've been pumping up

magic power). It usually does quite a bit less damage, but it can attack two

spaces. When you decide who you want to use this, start pumping their magic

instead of strength.

The glove makes the character do more damage.

The shield causes less damage (?) to come to the character when attacked. The

character will counterattack occasionally.


With weapons equipped, the character may do critical hits (maybe only the

gloves?). They say a line of text before they attack and generally kill a

monster in one hit.


Combine Athlete Girl with Mushroom Girl to get the glove. Combine Mushroom Girl

with Scorpion Girl to get the shield. Combine Rabbit Girl with Scorpion Girl to

get the book. You can have multiple of the same item.


Of the three buttons on the menu screen, the top (black) one goes back to

battle. The lower left uses an item on a character, and the lower right

combines the demi-humans for items and sacrifices single ones to the satan

character for a CG pic.


The Far Right:


List of demi-humans (in order I got them. I don't know if the order you get

them has to do with the order they appear):


Rabbit Girl

Scorpion Girl

Mushroom Girl

Athletic Girl

Frog Girl


Red-Robed Magician Girl

Snake Girl

Blue-Robed Magician Girl

Big Gloves Girl (wearing green)


Each demi-human has a new CG pic. Click on one (only one) then click the bottom

right button and something might happen and the satan character will say

something. Then when you go back to the menu the pic appears. Apparently each

demi-human has one pic with the satan character.


I have no idea what any of the options do when you right click in the In-Battle





After battle, you get a CG picture (as long as you win), then you'll be in







Next Stage


Collector's (?) Shop

House with Conversation (Asking Questions?)

Quit (1st option in this menu brings you to title screen; 2nd option closes

program; 3rd option goes back)


I'm not sure what the point of those last two houses are.




Sleep (brings dead characters back to life, heals everyone)

UseEquip Items

View CG



Go Back


Item Grid:

Across Top: A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Down Side: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


A1: Rope (?) - can't use

A2: Earrings - Power (1st stat) plus 10

B1: Pot - can't use

B3: Pot - can't use

B5: Pot - can't use

C2: Potato Chips - plus 2 to second stat

C3: Apple - raises character's third stat by 1

C4: Brocolli - 4th stat plus 2

C5: Shirt - raises fifth stat by 1

D1: Lighter - plus 10 to HP (1st stat)

D2: ??? - plus 4 to second stat

D3: Golden Leaf (next to apple) - raises character's third stat by 2

E1: Ring - equipable; plus 3 to str/power (2nd stat)

F1: Ring - equipable; plus 2 to 3rd stat

F4: Ring - equipable; plus 5 to fourth stat

F5: Ring - equipable; plus 10 to fourth stat

G4: Ring - equipable; plus 10 to HP (1st stat)


Characters can equip multiple rings.


The path I took for my first game is:

A - C - F - G (badend)


          - I - O -


Check out hp?id=470&style=alphabetical

for more info (story, etc.)


If you have anything to add to this faq, or if you know where I can get

information on this game (english or japanese, I just run the japanese through

a shoddy translator to get the gist of it), send it to

I'll credit you down here too.






Victor Tran sent some useful info, so thanks for that.

Thanks to GameFAQS for hosting this.



This document copyright Brian LeBaron 2002. Kaenryu Panyon is copyright